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May 17, 2013


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Gorgeous lilacs...but your vases are fabulous, too!

Lilacs! Is there any flower more Heavenly, More Delightful than lilacs!!!??? I don't think so! But then, I love So MANY flowers - pretty much ALL of them - and Especially the Spring Time Flowers!!!! Daffodils, forsythia, crocuses, snow drops, the flowering trees - it's all just So Wonderful! Certain flowers Look Beautiful but have no pretty scent (or not much of one). Lilacs have a Gorgeous, Delicious scent! I Am in heaven (& so is my Nose!) - if only for a brief moment - when I breathe in the Delightful scent of lilacs! (And don't even get me Started on the Beautiful colors of lilacs)!!!! I may sound overly effusive, but lilacs are one of the many flowers of my childhood & I am also a person deeply affected by scents. Add to that the visual - these beautiful, fragrant puffs of purply Loveliness in pale & dark hues - and really, what is there Not to LOVE about lilacs?!? (Oh, lest I forget: their leaves are kind of heart shaped, Too!). Flowers make our world Beautiful & I feel like I can Never get Enough of them!

Wonderfil photos! I LOVE lilacs too!

You can never have too many flowers! These lilacs are beautiful : ) Love the smell....


I love lilacs. They look good & they smell good. They are all blooming by me but I've been sick & I can't smell anything! :0(
I hope they stay until my sense of smell comes back!

gosh, i love lilacs. their scent is so intoxicating in the best way.

yeesh. sorry to be so out of touch. busy busy busy!

i hope all is well and pretty!


Oh my! Lilacs! So so pretty.

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