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March 22, 2013


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Ok you are seriously the coolest mom ever. I would have died for a party like this when I was younger. Everything turned out soo beautiful!

You are an awesome and loving momma, Jessica!

Fa ~ la ~ la ~la this was soooooo sweet to behold! I'm over the moon and rolled in sprinkles with delight at how wonderful the party was! Hope mini-mini "you" received lots of pretties! Now if only I could have a party like this with ruffled aprons! Lori

just amazing <3 The colours and the idea! Love very bit of it!

Wow! Yet another fab party, it looks like the girls had a great time. It's my daughter's 6th birthday party next weekend, I've been inspired so much by your previous posts and have a fabulous tea party planned with plenty of cool crafts to keep them entertained. Can I ask you how long the girls spent decorating their cakes? My daughter and her friends will be cupcake decorating, I've planned for four cupcakes per child, how long would you allow for this craft? Thanks for all your fantastic ideas, keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing...gorgeous! I look forward to your girls parties every year, and have been inspired to create pretty parties for my daughter. I did a Princess party when she was 3 inspired by you...everyone said it was the prettiest party they had been too. For her 5th this year I did a Frost Fairy Winter Woods party...I enjoy colour theming it all down to the party bags! Parties here in UK. Dont seem to be as pretty, and some of the supplies expensive..so its fun to get creative and source what you can and adapt! Parents now say I have a standard to keep to and expect lovely things each time! Just glad I have,1 daughter!! You know you wont be bowling next year haha! Debs x

This is all ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Love it. So pretty, all of it!

What a Wonderful, Fantastic Birthday Party! Oh my, those girls are going to have Fabulous memories for their entire lifetimes, I bet, of the Great time they had decorating those Beautiful cakes! (I Love the really Fancy ones the Best, but the more restrained one is Very Pretty too)! What Lucky Girls: going home with all those Pretty things! Such a Creative Party, too, where the children can have fun letting their artistic qualities come out w/the icing, roses & colorful sugars! Those little pink bowls you used for the sugars are so pretty! The colors of everything are just Dreamy! I wish I had had such a party when I was a little girl! My parents made do w/little pink plastic baskets to hold goodies at each place setting and I thought That was the Epitome of Prettiness & Birthday Festivity-ness, but this Birthday Celebration is just Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos! So FUN!!! Glad it all went so Marvelously well this time! (Also, those icing roses you made are BEAUTIFUL! You have talent! I love All the colors, but Especially the Periwinkle blue ones)!!!

I forgot to add that I Love how you attend so carefully to each detail of the party - to the plates from Target in those lovely colors, to the neat striped straws, the paper flowers, the colors of the cake decorating sugars, flowers & icing - it all fits together so Beautifully & really showcases those Extremely Pretty Pastel colors of the party!

Oops, I forgot to add One More Thing! I think it's just Great that you provided the girls w/all the delightful decorating things, the roses, flowers, sugars, icings - And, of course, the "palette" of the white cakes - and then you left them alone to decorate to their heart's Content in whatever style they wanted! It's clear they all had a Blast & you gave them such a fun way to express themselves w/the cakes! You Created a Truly Cool Party Experience for everyone! I think kids should be encouraged & allowed to Create as much as they can, in as many fun ways as possible & cake decorating Definitely is a Great Idea!

I wish I had a little girl in my life right now to throw a party for. You are so inspiring.

What a fabulous idea! I love it. My daughter would love this because she love baking cakes and she's only 3 years old!

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