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March 12, 2013


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HELLO! My now fiance, future husband and I are planning on making a stop in London on our Honeymoon. If you don't mind me asking would you mind me asking, what did you pay for the vintage millinery roses? I am just curious if items were priced well or over priced a bit. Were you able to bargain at all?

Gasp! Those roses are beyond perfection! Lucky you! Im wondering how you will display them? Enjoy!

perfect descriptions and i know this because i was there!!! sigh ...


Oh my Goodness, Wonderful!!! I want to be there! WOW! LOVE those photos of where you all were, & LOVE the Vintage flowers! I just bought some fabric flowers myself (& some paper ones). Tiny, delicate things, so Pretty! But, Alas, I just got them at the local dollar store. But WOW, they are Wonderful! Not quite sure what I'm going to do w/them - I will figure something out, though! They are in little packages & just seem to glow a bit - or they did for me when I saw them, so Dazzled was I by the impressive amount of colors & styles to chose from. I purchased all kinds of flowers in all kinds of hues that I Know you would love, as do I! Lots of pale dreamy pinks, pale delicate blues, lovely lavenders, pale minty greens, sparkling little silver rosettes, pearly white flowers - just Delightful stuff - and to think I could buy it all at a dollar store! The ambiance of a dollar store is Not Much, to be sure! Dollar stores lack even the character of the old-time Woolworths department stores that I remember so well back in the day but heck, my flowers are just so Pretty! I have a new addiction: Dollar Stores! Someone please help me! Lol! It's difficult Not to be addicted when each package of flowers were only 1.00 Each! I spend too much at dollar stores - but I spend a Lot less at them than I would at Michaels! So Many Pretty things to find at my local Dollar store, from holiday decorations to crystal bead bracelets & necklaces to cool stickers to really nice flowers that look not too different from your vintage ones (they really Can't compare to your Excellent & Authentic vintage ones - but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for such when the local summer flea markets open again)! Even so, the price is right, the flowers are just lovely & they hold up well for crafts! Thanks, Jessica, for sharing these so Great images & descriptions! I think you are very talented in the photo-taking area, too! Keep on Keeping On (Being Creative)! :D

I know, right!?! We were in London in March 2003. Portobello Road was awesome but crowded. I covet those sweet pink roses! SCORE for sure! :)

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