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January 18, 2013


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Great tip for 'everyday' baked goodies!

Oh, So Happy, those sprinkles!!! And clowns, I just Adore Fun things, like clowns! Yes, many of them are very scary, but there are also really wonderful clowns and I have to admit: I Love those kitschy clowns on black velvet, those clown paintings that people do! There is a Great book out about clowns. It's by the actress Diane Keaton. It contains colorful clown paintings done by amateurs, & most of the paintings are unsigned. These paintings sparkle w/creative talent, though! There's a real variety of clowns in this book! (Also, who could not love the clown's much more Glamorous cousin, the elegant Pierrot)??? But this book is mainly about regular, non-glammy but very interesting clowns, I think:http://www.amazon.com/Clown-Paintings-Diane-Keaton/dp/B006LWEJZ8

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