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January 22, 2013


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These are SO gorgeous and makes me think of refreshing cold drinks in the Summer x

beautiful post and wonderful advice. :)


I think I am also an Intuitive collector! An intuitive collector just gravitates to those items that "call out" to them. They don't fret about how it will all fit in, or ask: will it go w/this or that? An intuitive collector just buys it & it somehow works just Beautifully because they Know what they Love: the Joy of Collecting just for the Sheer Love of Beauty! And colored glass Is a Joy! I have a shelf full of colorful glass items, myself. And, btw, did you ever see the movie Pollyanna, with Hayley Mills? It's a Disney Classic. There is a scene in it where Pollyanna cheers up a sour, sickish woman. It's a funny scene. One of the nicest things happens when Pollyanna sees some prisms on the lady's lamp and strings them across the lady's bedroom window to make "rainbows"! The lady is secretly enchanted by the pretty rainbows on her wall, even though she's still kind of crabby to Pollyanna. (Also: the costumes in this movie are So Wonderful)! Go to 4:00 in the clip to see the prism scene:http://youtu.be/uprrdqQrYgQ

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