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January 27, 2013


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We've a pretty good sized shop in my city and she carries them. If I am not mistaken they are in several sizes but I've not seen them sprayed before. We said they taste like a Communion host- waffer like too. so very pretty and now I crave cupcakes!!! Lori

So Delicate & Lovely! The shape of the flowers remind me of crocuses, a little bit. They make regular cupcakes, which are already way too deliciously tempting, to be even More tempting! Didn't think it was possible! Just so Pretty! Those colors make me think of Spring!!!

They would be lovely on cupcakes! Would love to see what you do with them.

Hi , here in France they are very commune and they do taste blah , like most of french decoration , that's why we crave about US decoration!!!i am french and i am a baker so if you have any questions , i will be very happy to help you!!!!love your blog!!!!big kisses from France!!!

I found these in G. Detou in Paris. Is that where you found them as well? All my mini mini-me's attend a French Immersion school and are fluent in speaking, reading and writing French; but of course, they were not with me and I could not discern from the label whether they were edible. The only English-speaking member of the staff was engaged in a long phone order, so the staff were of little help. They are so perfect and beautiful that I ultimately decided that they had to be plastic, so I did not purchase any!!!! After seeing this post, I am so mad at myself! I guess I will just have to go back...

Hi. I love your blog, I always look forward to it each day. We get them here in the uk in specialty food stores. Even places like selfridges! They are rice paper flowers, consisting of corn starch, potato starch and then colours. Thats why the dont have much flavour. Love from the UK. Annika

These are gorgeous! Wish they were available here in the States. What a great find!

hi there,

OMG! I love those, yes they are safe to eat. they are made from rice paper. (they taste like host. Here in Toronto they are sold in Italian bakeries.


These flowers are just adorable ! You may want to check a seller on ETSY that sells edible potato starch butterflies ..... the seller is SugarRobot . They offer tons of different kinds of what look like real butterflies. I got a couple of packages last summer and decorated a cake with them - it turned out so well ! It was beautiful ! The butterflies are as thin as paper and you can position their wings up or down. Do check it out .... oh and they look even better in person. There is another ETSY seller that offers realistic looking silk hair butterflies ( that I also purchased ) that are also delicate and so pretty ! They were from KatesCottageShop. Both the cake and the hair butterflies seemed like something you would love !


You have lovely taste!!!!

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