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December 25, 2012


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Happy Holidays!!!!
Love those old-timey ornaments - so pretty, such jeweled colors, so soft & worn, yet still sparkly & festive! LOVE the Vintage stuff! Modern tree baubles, while lovely, just can't compare to these beauties! And you won't find them in regular stores anymore, either - So stock up when you see them at yard sales, thrift stores & the like! I Cherish the lovely, mellow, rich colors of these Christmas tree ornaments from long ago. They are so Peaceful to look at. String them up on the tree or make them into a garland or even a wreath. Or just stare at them for a while & meditate! That is one of the easiest & nicest ways I know of to reach a calm state - to just lovingly look at pretty things like these treasures from the past.

Happy holidays to you too! Enjoy

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