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November 20, 2012


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Jessica, your new series sounds fun. Can't wait!

Jessica, as a person who Loves just about Anything that Glitters, let me take this time to say how much I LOVE your blog! I'm looking forward to your Glittery upcoming blog entries! (Btw, I was once yelled at by a teacher when I was in the third grade for - get this - using Too Much Glitter!!!! (We were all making decorated paper Easter eggs. The eggs were really just egg shaped construction paper that we were decorating w/Elmer's glue & glitter). Your glitter musings brought back that memory. That silly teacher made me feel Ashamed of myself! But no matter. I've Definitely made up for her nonsense! Bring on the Glitter!!! :D (And I Definitely want to get more Vintage Glitter! I have some - and I want More! What a GREAT thing to write about, Jessica! Thanks for this Wonderful Blog! Keep up the GREAT work)!

I love vintage glitter too! Your new series sounds like fun.

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