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November 01, 2012


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That is a wonderful idea... Maybe ill do that next year for me... Hugs

That is fantastic! How elegant! And fun! Hopefully, I could get my daughter dress up like her next year!

What a beautiful costume!!! I wish I could have worn it! And such a creative idea! xoxo Rachel

How fun to dress all girly! I was just thinking the other day that mine were all sports figures and putting blood red makeup on to create a massive wound on the face. Ahhh.... the differences between boys and girls!!

Oh how sweet!! What a precious little costume! And the Tiffany blue is fantastic. How old are your girls? I'm sure Mini-me will come around eventually. Lemme guess...she's a teenager? :)

Hi Jessica,

I know I have already commented on this post already, but I have been wondering something for quite a well. Would you mind telling me where you get all of your wonderful French (and sometimes Italian, I think)items, like your French candles and Leone candies. I live in St. Louis and am having a very difficult time finding such wonderful things. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for your help!

That is such a cute costume! I hope I'll have a daughter and get to dress her up like Audrey Hepburn one day!

Well Jessica, it looked lovely, I'm sure mini-me did too. Would have loved to see a pic of the whole outfit. Great posts on your Blog, Thanks.

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