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February 08, 2012


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This is LOVELY!

So gorgeous.....sigh......thank you for sharing!

OMG...... how did you get all of that?? beautiful collection.. wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful idea! You know, I saw the Martha Stewart line at Staples last week, and just as my eyes grew as large as saucers...my boyfriend dragged me out of there. I swear we left tire marks in the parking lot. (I'll be going back...ALONE.)
It never occurred to me how lovely my vintage costume jewelry would look in those boxes. Thanks so much for a fabulous idea!
xo Deirdre


a line of martha products at staples? now i will never leave the plaza (michaels, target, home depot, staples, barnes & noble)!

a beautiful showcase for your pretty jewelry.


This is a perfect idea, I love it!
And wow, what a beautiful collection of jewerly you have. It all looks so lovely together. I'll have to check out the Martha collection at Staples! : )

Danielle xo

Thanks for sharing! I am off today to grab me a set! PS. Love your jewelry collection!!! Where did you find some of your pieces, love the bracelets!!! I need some fun pieces. Feeling kind of frumpy with my jewelry right now.

wow your collection is beautiful!!! Its such a sweet pretty site for the eyes!

The Joyful Thrifter

What a beautiful collection of jewellery - the boxes look great with it displayed in them

Your jewelry and photos are very gorgeous (and inspiring)!

Absolutely beautiful photos...love your collection of vintage jewels...love your display!! I've been wanting to go to Staples just to soak in all of the 'Martha goodness'--but have intentionally stayed away because I know I will want it all!!! I'm addicted to office supplies :)

I am having serious rhinestone jewerlry envy, sigh!

This is such a clever idea. We just had a death in the family so I inherited a bunch of wholesale costume jewellery. I didn't know what to do with it or how to organize it. These boxes sound (and look) perfect! I will have to make a trip to Staples to see what other styles they have. I will also have to pass this tip along to my friends.

My hobby of collecting bracelets started when I was a grader. Until now, at 27, I am still fond of doing so. I have a problem of how to keep those organized. Now, I have found a good case for them.

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