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September 13, 2011


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I got to Target at 8:20am. I was told towels and a bunch of never things never even made it to the large store and the manager appeared frustrated saying that with the advertising campaign that had been mounted, every store should have had been stocked with a ton of stufff. Houseware glasses an almost all the mugs were gone. Only 2 throws left. The only thing they had a lot of was little kid stuff. What I did see I thought looked a bit cheap, a bit thin for the price - except for the stationary items. Also people piling stuff willy nilly into carts - probably destined for EBAY. It all left a bad taste in my mouth (and I loved the Liberty merchandise).

i was at a target this morning, unaware of the ensuing missoni madness (knew it was debuting, but had forgotten the exact date).

the overwhelming rush on all things missoni almost had me joining in, but i wasn't able to grab anything i really 'loved'. it was all sharp elbows and jostling... not my favorite.

you managed to find some lovely things, well done.


My Target was depleted as well. I managed a cardigan sweater for me, tie for hubby, a candle and a large glass bowl with a swirl design. I was disappointed not to find the stacking cups and saucers I had really wanted. :(

I hit the Liberty of London when it came out (actually three targets in the a.m.) and was so chaotic I thought never again. I will wait and see if they restock and get lucky that way. It is a crazy, crazy scene when Target gets a line like that and each Target seems to handle it a bit different. Glad you scored some items...

I haven't heard about any of this. I can't think of anything I'd want badly enough to go through all of that! LOL! Besides, if that many people were getting it, before you know it, everyone will have it and then it won't be special.

I ordered online at 3 in the morning !! It was pure insanity but I cant wait to get my missoni !!


I have a target in my city that was primarily put there for the nearby navy base, and a beach that is 10 minutes away, but it isnt vacation season so the parking lot never has more than 20 cars. Needless to say, they had nearly everything at 4pm when I went. I passed on the headbands, they seemed so cheap. The makeup bags were a standout so i got some for gifts. I didn't like the texture of the clothes, but I managed to get coffee cups, the only thing to sell out.

You're not the only crazy person.......
I hit my local Target store in California at 9:30AM...found a few scarves and then drove to 5 more Target stores. Yes, I have Missoni madness! I did manage to get scarves, a cardigan, a mug and a few ties for my hubby.

The Missoni madness and frenzy even made our late night news!

I was there around 11 and all homegoods, kitchenware, shoes and accessories were depleted. I had my eye on the espresso cups and saucers and cute flats from the preview ads but I doubt they even made it to our store. I was surprised there was still apparel left and was able to try stuff on. Check out the pics from my store in PA: glamsavestyle.com Where there's supposed to be like gloves, hats and bags there's like only 2 scarves left. Insane!

I am not a Missoni fan but just happened to be at the Rockville Target the morning of the delivery-I did not get anything but saw a lady in the parking lot with a cute Missoni pattern ladies bike!

Holy cow, that is crazy, but I'm not surprised. Glad you scored some stuff!

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