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August 27, 2011


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Right back at you ... it certainly is starting to get a little rambunctious out there.

yup. waiting.

i made cupcakes. and little flags for them. and took photos. got all of the big stuff done and now we wait, too. hopefully irene will be an inconsiderate guest and not show up at all.

be well & safe.


zinnias are among my very favorite flowers. thanks for the BEAUTIFUL photos.

Not too far from Philly and just starting to get hit now. Fresh caramel corn helped pass some time today. Be safe.

Hope you're keeping safe. The photos are beautiful.

I just love colorful zinnias! And they're easy to grow, which is a bonus.

Stay safe.

Gorgeous zinnias. I planted an orange variety and have them all over the house. Keep safe and I hope you keep your power.

Thinking of you all in USA, and hoping that you keep safe. From a lil Brit friend across the pond. xxx

I'm very lucky to live in England where we don't experience the extreme weather like Irene, but my thoughts are with you. I've actually been reading your blog for a while but haven't had the chance to comment until now. I hope you're safe and that everyone expecting Irene isn't hit too badly. Prayers are with you. xxx

Adorable flowers. Impossible not to stay happy after this post.

I love zinnias and these are such pretty ones! Hope Irene was gentle to you!

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