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July 12, 2011


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Welcome back!!!!!! So nice to see the soft colors of Such Pretty Things in my news feed again, and I can't wait to see your party posts.

Running to Target for goblets now! :)


I am excited to see you, too, and I love these glasses soooo much. Heading to Target in the morning.

hi jessica!

as soon as i saw the title of this post on my sidebar i just knew what glasses you would be featuring!

love the green sugared rims!

happy summer


LOVE these colors!!! The pale pink/pale green! So Lovely!! Love the glasses too! Adding those to my shopping list right now! Hope you have some time to rest now and enjoy the summer! The temp here in Savannah, GA is 100+ degrees and high humidity!! UGH!!!!


That is sooo cute and pretty! :) Btw, I followed you. Your blog is so girly which I do love! ♥

Hi, just jumping in here, have been following you with so much appreciation and excitement for all the pretty pretty prettiness... i love this... here in Vancouver Canada, it is not at all like Savannah Georgia, it is cold and rainy! UGH too... not the exact weather for lemonade :( But, when the sun does come out again, which i have high hopes it will, just wondering how you made the 'pretty' green sugar? is it just a drop of food colour and shake it up with sugar? My daughter and i are going to try. We also make pretty cakes and get inspiration form the ones you show and i do so love all the details you share. Thanks so much. Kerri



Everything you share on your blog is so beautiful. These plastic goblets are perfect for those with romantic taste. Thank you so much for sharing; I will have to make a special trip to Target to stock up. These will be perfect for parties and I have no doubt that my 3 year old daughter will enjoy drinking from these as well!

Mandy (à la parisienne)

Love pink and turquoise, the aqua sugar and your blog.

Thank you

hi there, I clicked on the target link but it didn't work :( is there a brand name on these goblets? I really want to try to find them! TY :)

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