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April 19, 2011


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Sold! With the packaging alone! ;) I love pretty packaging.

How could you leave such a delightful place? Pretty post.

so glad you pack your camera when you travel. :)


Wow! It's like a fairy land!! What fabulous places you've discovered! Thank you for sharing with us! Jan

Octavia St is on my list...I've only been to Miette in the Ferry Building. Love their sweet treats and love your blog!!!

I get my birthday cake here every year! I LOVE them, they are the best!!! The Ferry Building is a pretty one too! I love their vintage cake stands! Great photos!


I am absolutely ADORING your site!! I am so glad I ran across it today via Pinterest. You are such a talented photographer. I am SO inspired. Your images are so lovely. Keep inspiring. You're amazing.

By the way, I did a blog spotlight on you today.

[ keep calm & blog on ] xo Katy

how is it that i have lived in california my entire life and have missed this jewel of a shop?
thank you so much for being our personal tour guide to this lovely place. you can be sure i will make a point of visiting on my next trip to 'the city'.

OmGosh! I seriously think I just gained weight looking at all these scrumptious goodies.
I LOVE your blog.. you have truly captured a wonderful continuity to your postings. Thanks for sharing.

Ah that's funny, I used to work in a chocolate shop called 'Miette' in the Cotswolds, UK! I have always wanted to go to San Francisco ever since I was about 14 years old. Anyway, lovely photos and blog :)

Thank you for the wonderful pictures!! Definite eye candy!!!!! Love the jar you found in Target, too!! :)

~ Wendy


That is the prettiest store! We are going to SF at the end of the month. I will be sure to go and visit!

Delicious! What beautiful photos, too. :)

WOW! What a neat store. I'm sure you were in amazement going through it. I like the cake stands also.

oooh WOW! That looks like a very dangerous place for me :)



Now i wish that I still live in san Francisco, but I hope to go back soon. Then I will visit this store

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