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March 03, 2011


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Thanks for this post! I'm going to Japan in May, and this can be yet another reason I am super excited about it!

Oooohh! Those are all so colorful and fabulous! Thank you for showing them to us!

so cute. How sweet of your husband to bring you back so many pretty things.

your husband rocks and so do all of these sweet treats! have FUN!


You have a great husband to go shopping for those pretty yummy things!!

You always have the best photos in your posts, Jessica.
L♥O♥V♥E all the pretty colors!
Hugs in pastel Pink,

Those are fabulous! How sweet of your husband to bring them back for you x

How lovely! Everything looks just perfect, and how sweet of your fella to bring them back for you :)

ooh, these are too cute (and sweet!)

Oh, so pretty!! And, it looks like your hubby is just as sweet as those lovely sprinkles!

Those are all gorgeous! However, having spent 2 years perfecting my French Macarons, I am skeptical of the box mix. You'll have to let us know how it works out!

I think I lost my long post. :(
Oh, well...love the floral cupcake liners so much...wish they had those here.

What a sweet husband!!

The irony ... I live in Japan and order all my decorating supplies from the US. Although it is all very pretty to look at, it is quite expensive for the amount. You can also find the cutest cutters, used for bento boxes here in Japan, but I go crazy with gumpaste :D

Looks lovely the Japanese sure do understand pretty packaging. I wonder how the macaron will come out? Love your blog especially all the pink you have on it!
Marie Arden Pink Living


Thanks for sharing this...my two antiquing best-buds came from Japan and Okinawa two years ago to live in the U.S. with their husbands, AND one of them is having family over in June. Sooooo...your post was perfect for a little request that will fit easily in the suitcase!


I would think that this kind of treat from your husband would be work triple points for him. Truly a very thoughtful man. And they are very wonderful looking, enjoy your treat.

These are best ingredients for the decorating cakes. I love the way you use these!

I love all these materials used for decorating cupcakes! It is all very colorful and fabulous!

Oh, so pretty And, it looks like your hubby is just as sweet as those lovely sprinkles. I am so impressed by that.

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