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February 06, 2011


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Beautiful fairy cakes! Love the pretty pastel colors,wonderful job. The little mini ones would be super cute too!
Cute blog!

so pretty! You've inspired me to give these a try :)

Those are so sweet! You've inspired me to make them too. Going to try them this afternoon!

These are awesome! I've never seen fairy cakes before but I definitely want to try them out. Mother's day or Easter would be perfect!

Oh how cute! Beautiful spring-colors!
Love from Sweden!

Thanks for the tips! I've seen them everywhere but always wondered why mine never looked the same.

These look so delicious! Thanks for the tips for making our own fairy cakes. I will definetly be giving them a try!

These look amazing!! I'm so going to be trying this one out!

Oh these are so pretty Jessica!! I hope to give these a try soon. I hope they turn as pretty as yours!

These are the most stunning fairy cakes I have ever had the pleasue to see! You need your own show Jessica - seriously! Marvelous!

They are just so perfect!

first off seen you in Romantic Homes, Congrats! Second..."So that's how you do it!!" I've been wondering for some time, thanks for the info!!!Have a super yummy week! Lori

You are making my mouth water!

Something as simple as cupcakes turn into a work of art!

OH I am soooooo glad you showed us how to make these. The hard part is the icing and now you've given us all the right secrets! Thank you!
These are so pretty - how could anyone ever eat them?
Have a great week! Karen

So pretty and I like the look of less icing. They seem more elegant than our usual American-cupcake-tons-of-frosting approach.

Oh Jessica! that is sooo yummy and I want to make it right now ... its just breakfast time here LOL!

Thanks for the tips

I want one!!! So pretty to look at too!

This is absolutely precious! I can't wait to try this myself!

These are so beautiful, and I love the post with all the pictures of the sugar flowers too! I'm getting married this summer and want cupcakes with roses on top, yummy :)

so very lovely!! this made me smile on a cold, cold, snowy Michigan day!

I have been wanting to do a poured fondant for a while and now I am definately going to. They are beautiful!

Where oh where may I ask did you purchase these pretty flowers?

These are so precious... and just in time for Easter! Gorgeous, gorgeous creations (and photos)!

Will you post the recipe for your fondant glaze. I want to try these for a baby shower, but all of the recipes I have found look thinner and all say to apply icing first.

I like the design and looks really delicious. Could you share the recipe of your cup cakes? you can send me your recipe at my email thanks in advance :D

Just found your blog and I am fixated on the beauty of it all. Love these cupcakes!! Can't wait to try them. Thanks!!!

I just love the simplicity of these cakes. They are just beautiful. Makes you want to bite into the computer screen.

I love these! Beautiful colours!...

Hi there! These are lovely :)
I'm thinking of doing something similar to this for a wedding, so I'm wondering if you have advice as far as storing the cakes? I will likely have to do most of the work ahead of time and I'm not sure if storing them will ruin the cakes. Thanks!

Would you mind giving the measurements you used to make the icing? I'm in need of a royal icing recipe for a party this weekend. Do you think this would stand up to a warmer temperature since the party will be outdoors? Also, could you use buttermilk in place of cream for a little tang or would it cause it to separate?

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