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August 13, 2010


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Sounds lovely! You have such wonderful taste. Thanks for sharing it with us!

How generous of you! I am very interested in winning.

I always enjoy seeing what you're up to- love you soft colors !

I've been keeping up with your beautiful blog for quite a few months now and I'm still amazed by every entry you post. You are so creative!

I'm about to open an account on etsy.com with my cousin who recently got married. She is a huge fan of your blog as well. I would link her to some of your entries and now she keeps up with your updates. We hope to share our ideas to people on etsy. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)

Who knew? I follow your photos on flickr and just now discovered you have a blog! Maybe they really could be mine : )

Thank you for hosting this give-away! I often dream about all your your beautiful trinkets and can't imagine how excited I would be to win some.

Hi! I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! I've enjoyed reading every post. Keep up the inspiring work!

I've been reading your lovely blog for some time but have never commented until now.

I guess I'm a sucker for vintage millinery and ribbon.

Jessica, I would love to win one of your little packages of pretty things. Your beautiful blog always inspires me. Hope you have a good trip.

Love these! :)

I'm interested!!! =)

I have to say, even if I don't win a little something special. I love your blog. I am a card maker and subscribe in RSS to your blog so I can get wonderful inspiration for my cards that I make. thank you so much for all your wonderful things you put on your blog.

Inky hugs,
Cristena Bagne

Jessica, what a beautiful image! What a fn giveaway too!

I always look forward to the beautiful soft colors of your site. I'm in California and am embarrassed to say that you have told about places I didn't even know of. Also love the ideas you share. Thank you!

Hi, I love your blog! :)
Im very interested in winning one of your packages, i know all of the things in it will be adorable!

I have been watching your site for a while! Always an inspiration :) Thank you for the chance to win some of the lovely things you have found along the way!

I love your beautiful photography.....hope this will be my first "win" since I also love ribbons and millinery!!!
Jennifer in Richmond

What a sweet giveaway. Please count me in.
Hugs and Love

I have been following your blog for a while , never left a coment before but the thought of winning millinery flowers and vintage ribbons gave me enough courage to do so. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring love the soft colors, thank you for sharing your ideas with us, you are very talented
God Bless you and your family.

I have been following your blog for a few months, have never left a comment before but the idea of winning millinery flowers and vintage ribbons, gave me the courage to do so. Thank you for your generous giveaway! and for sharing your ideas with us you are so talented!
God Bless you and your family.

I love your blog! You are truly the most creative and talented person I know. I am convinced there is nothing you can't do! You have such a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Jessica: Pink,turquoise, and purple are my signature colors! The ribbon would love it here in Texas - I would give them a good home!!!


P.S. Check out my business...www.skirtitcouture.com - the ribbon would be perfect for some of my table skirts.

Hi, I live in Honduras, Central America and just love your blog. I cant find anything remotely close to your finds, i will have to wait when i travel!!!

Love your blog, it's one of my favorites! I hope I win! ;)

I would love to get some pretty things to craft with!

I would love to win some fun supplies! Thanks for the giveaway!

Whoo hoot!!! Miss your Target Tuesdays and found myself buying some pretty cute things that I did not know I needed until after I visited your blog.

Can't wait for your creative store to open!!


Jessica, I would be so delighted to win ANYTHING from your studio. You have an 'eye' for the pretties and maybe some of that inspiration would accidently rub off on me!

Giveaways are always fun!!
Would love to win... thanks for the chance to enter!

Wow Jessica, what a lovely giveaway. I would love to win a gorgeous package if it is open to those outside the US..Tamara from Australia :)

Oh boy I would absolutely love to have a chance to win!!!! I have followed you through flickr and your blog for quit some time now and I am finally getting up the nerve to write ...lol!! Your pretties always make my mouth water!!! ;O) Since I am writing I want to say thank you so much for sharing the wonderful ice cream sandwich idea, you are a true inspiration!!!

ooh such yummies
i definately want in on the goodness!!

Oh, wow! I'd love to win! I just found your blog a few weeks ago and actually spent an entire night going through the archives! I'm the only girl in my house, with a hubby and two boys so a bit of pink and girly is super refreshing! ;-)

oh oh ohhh, wallpaper scraps?! lovely! I'm also a fan of ribbon :)

I don't post in comments hardly at all, but I read a few times a week, always checking up for an update :)

I'm all for a giveaway!! I've followed and enjoyed your blog for about 2 years I think. Still look forward to every new post! Always "such pretty things"!


Just recently discovered your lovely blog and have really been inspired.....so many lovely things to see and so helpful in providing ideas for my small shop. Thank you so much for frequent posts and for offering a gift.

I have just checked to see if you had posted any more photos of your amazing hydrangeas - one of my favourite flowers.I have several in my kitchen as when they are coming to the end of real life I dry them and they still look as gorgeous.

Only to find that they you have suprised us with a giveaway.I would love to be entered into this.Hopefully my own blog Loved & Used will be up and running soon.
With thanks Kathryn

hello! i'm so glad that i found your blog. it's always pretty and inspiring :)

Excited that your shop is coming!! Yay!

would love to get one of your pretty packages- your photos & blog are always inspirational. Just got back from a week in Ventura, CA (my hometown)so I am loving all your SoCal photos. thanks much!

What a wonderfull and generous give away.
I love reading your blog, and I have gotten so much inspiration from it over the months since I heard about it from a friend. One day I hope to visit some of the 'pretty places' you blog about. I do also hope that your new store will ship to New Zealand!

Kind regards,

My sister sent me the link to your blog recently, and we both love it so much! Thank you for sharing so many lovely photos, stories, and ideas with us!

I love your blog and how pretty everything you do is. I would be thrilled to win your giveaway so I too could enjoy a little bit of your "pretty things".


Oh my gosh. I am always so jealous of your beautiful finds and now there is a chance I could possibly win a small slice of them?! Yes please, count me in! myneonlights@hotmail.com

Dear Jessica,

I'm a very big supporter of 'low communication' and there are very, very few blogs that I follow, all creative ones. I really love your stuff and it's been a great inspiration to me for oh, soooo many times...

Thank you so much for sharing all this with us and the time you spend blogging. Time is the most valuable thing to me, because I don't have much due to my job whre I have to deal with the ugly sides of life. Following your blog, 'looking in' every now and then cleanses the eyes and the soul...

So, a thousand THANK YOUs & kindest regards
Mia, from good ol' germany

You are most kind to have a giveaway and don't mind if I do sign up!!! :) Would love to win - count me in. LindaSonia (baddabinda@yahoo.com)

Oh so Pretty!! Your blog is always one of my favorites, Thank you!!

I love your blog and check in on it everyday. You have a true knack for vintage style and are gifted at styling your pictures. Keep up the beautiful work and thanks for all of the inspiration you provide!

How sweet of you to do a giveaway! I love your blog for all the eye candy.

Thank you so much for sharing some of your goodies!

I so LOVE anything vintage. I am off today in my search of treasures at estate sales !!They make me happy. Thanks for the chance to win !!

Love your blog! And can't wait to see your shop!

oooooooooooooo!!!!!Count me in!!!


Wow! That's so generous of you! I'd love one!

The thought of winning a few bits from your stash makes me very excited. Thanks to your pictures and posts, I now stop to look at the beauty in little things that I would have otherwise passed up.

wow! what an incredible giveaway! that ribbon is simply divine! whoever wins this giveaway will be quite the lucky person...
happy summer day to you! xo natalea

hey thanks for the giveaway, i love your blog, you always have great pics and ideas!

Yes, please me in your give away. I just love pretty things!

though i don't always comment i'm always looking at your blog. you always find the most beautiful things! i would love to win some goodies! huggs!

Sweeeeet giveaway! I'd probably have to fight my daughter for the coolness!

my goodness there are a lot of people here who want to win! well, no wonder, they are such pretty things

Oh my! Your bits & bobs are so beautiful. Thank you for generously offering part of your stash as a giveaway. I'd love to work with any of them.

Wow what a sweet giveaway. Thanks for including me :-)

How exiting, and very generous of you.
Hope you`re having a great summer,

Your photos are so lovely! I am anxiously waiting for your shop to open! Thank you for including me in your contest.

Mmmm i love all the things you post! I always have total shopping envy of all your good finds!

sounds lovely! would love to win one:) have a great trip!!

Oh my goodness, the things I could whip up with those lovelies ;) I hope you have a wonderful trip...please do throw my name in the hat! And thank you for the chance!

Jamie :)

I follow your blog just about everyday. Love love love your color pallet and your party ideas! I would love to have some millinery flowers and whatnots to make something pretty.

Thank you,

Please enter me. I just love reading your blog. It's the first thing I do in the morning. Thanks, Darlene

Jessica, would love to be part of your "Studio clean Up" giveaway!!!
Thanks for sharing your goodies with everyone!
Love to you,

Your ribbons are beautiful! They match the soft colors in your most recent painterly entry. :)

your stuff is so gorgeous!
you have great taste & I'm sure the 'packages' you've put together are amazing ! ♥

I would love to win one :D

kristine ♫♪

Love the photo of the vintage ribbons. Please count me in.

This is such an awesome idea, I'd love to have a chance at winning! :)

Just recently discovered your wonderful blog! And a giveaway of my favorite things - thank you, how nice!

I love your blog - please enter me in your drawing


I'd love to win! Love your blog.

Love your blog. I've been following you for awhile. I really enjoy when you do Target days. Thanks for having a give away.

Oh, boy! Don't we all love a give-away of pretty things! Yep, put my name in the pot, too.

Oh, how I love ribbons!

Love the ribbons. Please include in your giveaway.


This definitely sounds like fun! I would love to win some goodies to help decorate and craft with.

I would love to be entered in your enchanting giveaway! Love your blog!

I would love to enter in your giveaway. Thanks.


Your blog is so lovely and inspiring. What a wonderful giveaway! I am in! ╰⊰⊹✿ ✿⊹⊱╮


I've followed your blog for almost a year now and I swear the first time I saw it I thought: I wish you were MY mom! I'm fifteen and I have similar tastes as you - my sister often says I have an 'old soul' because of my interests!

I'm as dumbfounded by the things you manage to find these days as I have been for the past year or so. I wish I was as driven as a shopper! Most of the older period things I own I've happened upon. And while I love that they seemed fated to come to me, I wish I had the courage to go out and seek the types of things I love, even though they're tricky to find.

Which is why I've decided to enter your latest giveaway. The things you package up are breathtaking and I know if I could acquire enough things of a specific taste, I could figure out my style better and be a better shopper/collector.

I've at least become a better optimist about Target!

I probaly should have put this in an e-mail on account of it's length and posted a shorter comment for the giveaway, but I've always seemed to come in large doses. I can't wait until you open your shop and can add it to my list of Downtown Frederick shops. I actually love that man that works at Accesories of Old and the blonde from Tiara Day. Those shops are my regulars, as I only live about 10 min from them. I was excited to learn you've been to them, too.

I hope you don't put this blog down very soon! It's what I come to everytime I just need to see something girly and pretty and old. It's the most beautiful thing in the world for me!

What a wonderful give away. Please enter my name. Your blog is just fantastic.


wow, would love to win one of your giveaways -- they are always full of such sweet and wonderful surprizes! please count me in!

I'd love to win one of your giveaways - count me in!

I am anxiously waiting for the shop to be open. Here in Homestead, Fl it is so difficult to find 'Such Pretty Things', this would truly be heaven on earth if I won. Especially since I am one of those people who never wins anything!

What a day brightener your blog is for me. To have you and your bling bling girls share pastel pretties certainly feeds my soul. Your pictures are true eye candy. Thanks for including me in your giveaway. You have a shabby friend in Minnesota.

Oh, how I would love to win one of your packages! I love your blog.

I love hand-me- downs! Your blog is a favorite!

this is sooo cool! i love reading your blog and getting inspiration for my things! and your ideas are great! keep on inspiring us!!

Ooooh! I'd love to win one of your goodie bags!

Can't wait until your new shop opens.

Those are lovely. I'd like to be entered into your giveaway!

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and love all of the wonderful things that you share. It would be awesome to have a tiny piece of such beautiful trinkets!!!

Have a wonderful trip!

I'd love to win your lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

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