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July 14, 2010


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When my son was about 3 years old, I bought him a pair of dollar store binoculars for a 16 hour car trip - those alone kept him occupied for most of the trip! He kept looking at the trees with them trying to find squirrels!

Sweet Jessica
You are the COOLEST mom ever. Your girls are sooooo lucky. I entertained our 3 kids, now adults with the same idea.
Your blog is nothing short of pretty little things for sure.
Have a FAB time. Enjoy every moment.
Love Claudie

Love the photos! I'd take that flight.

So cute! My kids would love this!! You are so clever.

Now do you do adult treat bags because if they're anything like these I'd love to travel with you!

I'm off to Florida next year with my 10 year old cousin so I definitely think I will be putting some treat bags together for oue 8 hour flight.

Victoria x

What great ideas!
Have a fun trip. And thanks
for sharing your idea. I wonder if
it would work for husbands?

If I buy my own ticket can I come along on your next trip? {FYI- I am not a creepy stalker :)} Your surprise bags are so much fun. Going to so steal/barrow your idea on our next trip. Much better then the "Box-O-Fun.

Jessica Jessica...
Yes, I too want to travel with you. No adult treat-bribe-bag needed for me, I love everything you got for your girls!

I hope your girls know how much you love and adore them.

Myke from Texas

thank you SO MUCH for this great idea! my son cedric (9 years) will get this year for 6 hours in a train, to his omi and opi, alone! i`ll make him a little surprise bag for each hour!
and lovely greetings from germany ;)

even crayons from cath kidston?! i want a surprise bag. i won't whine ... i promise, i promise, i promise. ;)

have a safe & happy trip!


Great idea. I think I will put together something like that for my granddaughter for our trip to the beach.

hope you all have a great trip.

Wow! I want a surprise bag too! Love those Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers :) Your photos make everything look so appealing. Have a fun trip!

Um, can I go on vacation with you? I want a super cute surprise bag lol! Love them. And I'm sure your girls do, too. :) As do the other passengers on the plane! I'll never forget a flight home from Miami at midnight where a little girl screamed the whole way and her father just screamed back at her. It was dreadful and the father ended up in a fight with another passenger over it! The poor little girl was just bored. Anyway, I babble. Great idea!

I am addicted to your blog! I run the girls' program at our church, and they have YOU to thank for a few of their favoritest events since your blogs inspired me!

Thanks for sharing, and not keeping these WONDERFUL pretty things all to yourself!!

Such gorgeous photos! have a good flight x

Those animal crackers are to die for! Too cute!

m ^..^

I think I would like to be on that trip too! Lovely ideas. :)

You have the cutest, pretty ideas ever! OMG!!!

LOVE this!! i do this with my daughter, but i just put everything in one bag for her to go through. but i REALLY like the idea of separate bags and spacing them apart and using them to reward good behavior! i am going to do this from now on! :) i love all the goodies! collecting them is the best part! :)

I love your blog! You take the most amazing pictures....


Just wanted to know where you got the animal crackers, they would be perfect for my friend's daughter's one year birthday party. the theme is "summer giraffe". Thank you!

you are a genius:)

Are those crayons in a tin from Target? Pls. say yes!

what a lovely and beautiful idea! i'd love one of these at my age, i'm eighteen! hehe. this is a truly sweet idea, i shall definately be using this when i'm older and hopefully have a child.

love, jazzabelle. x

Hi Jessica, what a wonderful idea. I will definitely be testing this out on our next trip. Wishes from Australia, Tamara :)

When I was little, my mom would pack "treat bags" for my sister and I when we'd fly from London to Los Angeles to visit my grandma. I have the best memories of those bags, and they worked like a charm!

I just found your blog, and I love it!!!!! I was wanting to know where you found the Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers? I live in Tulsa, Ok. and I have looked every where. I can't find them!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and, your wonderful blog!! Earlene

omg! love your idea! will try to do that for my kids and myself as well! :-) love your ideas!

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