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July 09, 2010


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Looks Yummy! I was in San Diego last month and also had a treat from Moo Time Creamery!

Yum I would do my ice ceam in pink of course, and add aqua sprinkles or maybe hot pink and orange sprinkles or perles!
What a cute idea to add fun to a treat!!
Keep cool and have a PINK day!

Very cute!! Lori

So sweet! I usually use jimmies, the traditional kind, sandwiched around vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies, but those are down-home and these are chic! Thanks for sharing :)

Can I please be adopted, I am house trained and only promise to eat my fair share of ice creams sandwiches :), Maureen

Jessica - LOVE these. Just in time for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. These will be perfect and so fun.

Thanks much for the idea and info on how to make them.

Myke from Texas

Come on... how friggin fantastic are these?

absolutely dreamy! and yummy! i think i'm going to try these for my daughter's upcoming birthday. i'm no cook, but i think i can manage these treats! :)

I don't have young kids but I'm sure the grown kids will like them too. Thanks so much for sharing!

...yummy..Thanks for the inspiration!...I love Vanilla icecream too...but this is fun coloured Vanilla!



So adorable! What a great idea!

I will definitely have to try this. Thanks!

Once again, what great idea Jessica...darling!

This is a darling idea..my grandkids will love it!

So clever and pretty my friend...you amaze me with your creativity..this one I will try..my girls will LOVE it. xoxoxo

OMG these look mouth watering. I cant wait to try some.

These look really scrumptious, but they are so gorgeous I'm not sure I would eat them.:)

mmmm mmmm mmmm...I've made ice cream sandwiches like this before, but never with pretty pastel ice cream! What a treat. Now I must make some. Thanks for the idea. And - how special that your ice cream shop makes blue vanilla ice cream!

this is such sweet torture! ohhh so pretty and yummy!

They are gorgeous! How fun to let everyone pick their favorite color :)

I just discovered your blog via Flickr and love your pretty pix. I love pastel and the shabby chic/vintage look. I live in SD and go to Moo Time 2 and have replicated their blue vanilla for my boys--so much fun! Thanks for sharing all your info.

Four words: Impressive-Delightful-Enjoyable-Amazing.

Very nice IDEA.

- Tera

Fun, fun idea! I think these are some of the prettiest ice cream sandwiches I've ever seen!

icecreem sandwiches are beautifull i just love them and i am going to make one in my cooking grupe at school i was going to make a chickin and mayo sandwich but now i will beable to enjoy lunch and snck all at once i love the creeminess of themmmm yumm yumm yumm

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