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March 15, 2010


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gosh, i can't imagine having such a lovely party. how lucky your daughters both are! everything is so pretty. i love the little vanilla cupcakes from whole foods and you made them look even sweeter. really beautiful!


Martha's got nothing on you, my dear! Your table was absolutely lovely. Such attention to detail! All your little extra love touches made for one lovely spread!

what a fabulous tme

WOW! I think my daily requirement of eye candy has almost been satisfied!! What beautiful photos!

Your blog is always such a treat for the eyes!

This is absolutely lovely! And that cake is beautiful!

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love all that great vintage glassware you displayed. I have a collection, but never get to use it.

oh my gosh!! just adorable, don't know what else to say ;0)

Beautiful, Jessica!
Lucky little girl!

Hi Jessica: Can believe you made the petit fours - I have tried to make them about 5 million times - and can't get the dang icing to cover. HELP. Tell me your secret. Would love for you to show pictures of how you made them.

Very sweet (and sweet)!
Am especially attracted to the petit fours!

Gorgeous as usual. Everything looks amazing!! I'd love a party like this for me let alone the kids. LOL. I'm going to have to do those sugar cubes now.

So so Pretty! That cake is simply gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of the party photos!

You are such a girl after my own heart! Beautiful party. I love all your tea ideas, and have learned to throw a party the way you did. A little of mine, a little of my nearest grocery stores, and a little I have "spruced" up. Much easier on my family as I don't get to stressed over the tiny details that way.

And I so love the new Liberty line at Target, they had to mop the floors after me today when I was there, too much drooling! It's great to have beautiful things back at Target.

This is beautiful!
I just love everything on your table, starting from the tablecloth. Your dishes are gorgeous! The colors are so lovely, and you take very good photos. Do you have a full table photo as well? That would be the only minus (but a very small one) of your wonderful photo posts, often I want to see the 'big picture' as well.

This was very inspiring. I have a 6 year old birthday party coming up in May! I think I got some ideas. Thank you!


Oh what fun! I've been looking forward to seeing this party (and I'll be excited to see even more!). I'll look forward to hearing your tips/recipes etc. on the petit fours and meringues, they look perfect! In fact, everything looks beautiful!!! Wonderful job!! Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful, what a lucky girl to have a clever mum. I'd love a party like this!
Hen x

Oh doll! That is just amazing! Such perfect, pretty colours. The cake is incredible! By the way, when you make pastel coloured foods, do you just use regular food dye?


So beautiful!

Oh wow, it's so pretty, I love it !
Congratulations, it's fantastic !

so totally pretty!

Oh my goodness...I have not visited you for a while...you have been so busy. You really do amaze me!!! Your talent and ideas are beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing. Those tea bag treats are the most adorable thing I have ever seen. xoxoxo

So fun to see all these photos. Will you share your recipe for petit fours and your technique? Would love to know!

this is unbelievable! everything looks so professional that they all look store bought! can i please have one of those mini sprinkle cookies? :)

Just perfect. I always love an afternoon tea. It was Mother's Day here on Sunday, so I made tea for my little girl and I. She's had a 'tea party in the garden' for her birthday each year (she's 3), I hope as she gets older she would like to continue with it. We're British, so the chances are pretty high!

Thank you for showing such lovely photos.

Wow. I'm so in love with your blog! What a fabulous party...can't wait to see more!

I am totally blown away by these pictures. Everything looks amazing! I just came across your blog via a link to your wallpaper candy bars on Intimate Weddings. They look wonderful! I would love to link to them if you didn't mind.

Love the forget-me-not embellishments.

Everything is just beautiful, how lucky are those girls!!! You do such a lovely job decorating your treats. Would love the recipe to your meringues. So pretty. I am anxious to see part 2.


Once again, amazing! Such fine attention to detail, and your pictures are fabulous. Can't wait for part II !

What a gorgeous party you put together. It is all so pretty from the cute meringues and rosebud tablecloth to the gorgeous cupcakes. Beautiful!!

Wowzaa, but that is some cake! What a lovely setup - I think your hard work paid off in spades :)
Sighhh, I guess my invite is stuck in the mail ?!

Everything looks absolutely lovely and so perfect! I am wanting to make petit fours for Easter and yours look lovely! Would you mind sharing your recipe/technique? I'd especially love the recipe for the poured fondant you use (yours looks so smooth and opaque).

your blog is such a delight every time :-)

Insane girl! Beautiful work. I have my own tea party coming up for a 3 year old princess, you have totally inspired me!

My church is having a Mother& Child's tea parties, I would love to see some more ideas. Thanks,Connie

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