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March 16, 2010


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It's already Tuesday night and I haven't been able to get to Target yet either! I'm hoping that nobody in this area really "gets" Liberty. So, there may be alot for me. ;-) I actually just was on vacation and bought some Liberty at a fabric store to make my daughter a top. LOVE their cotton lawn fabrics. I made the same daughter a dress when she was little out of it. It's still so beautiful.

You are so "on it" ....we don't have a Target here, but we have Liberty prints at the local fabric store for 30.00 a yard...5 bucks cheaper than the mainland! (shhhhh)Love the tea party! (glad that I had boys....you're a great MOM!)

whoooooa! there is a trip to Target in my very near future!

I was there on Sunday morning, but one of my blogging friends had posted that they had the items out the day before. So, needless to say, it was very picked over. I bought two picture frames and two candles. The candles don't smell too great. I was hoping for some pillows, but they were sold out. Let's hope they release more!!

At those prices Liberty at Target was bound to sell out in a second ! It's a bit like when Karl Lagerfeld did a line for H & M. Items appeared on eBay in hours .
So glad you managed to get what you wanted AND prepare a special party for your daughter .

I have been excited about this too! Though, living the UK we don't have Target :( they are selling some of the line in Liberty London though so I'm going to pop down there as soon as it opens! I have looked on the website though, and that tray which is $9.99 for you, is £20 for us! ($30) so unfair! I'm tres jealous of your gorgeous purchases. I love that bikini! xx

So interesting that you say it is cheap there as Liberty is very expensive over here in London. Not surprised it sold out like mad but it does annoy me that people profiteer and re-sell items on eBay.
hen x

What a neat line, I honestly never have heard of Liberty, but I'm glad I have now!

I love this new line. It's so vintage looking with the way the patterns are. I've seen it online, but I'll have to go in and check it out in person asap.

Thanks to you and Amy Powers of the Inspireco blog who both mentioned Liberty of London. I invested $80.00 today in cute stuff! Thanks again.

My Target put out the clothes a day early & I scored an adorable top! I saw several other women in line with Liberty clothes as well. I totally missed the accessories...I'm going to have to go back to check those out!

Immediately after reading your post I researched the tiered serving tray, and found that not only is it being sold for quadruple the amount on eBay, my local Target actually had it in stock, after begging and pleading they put one on hold for me. At 14.99 it's quite a bargain! Unfortunately, after only a couple of minutes of being in my cart the darn thing broke, apparently they all seem to have the same fate. The young man working there informed me that all of the ones they've received have been defective and the reviews of the tray online share the same consensus. It really is a shame because it's just darling. They did however have tons and tons of all of the other items and I was able to snag myself the sixty print teapot, the mini journal set and the platter. I will soon be back for some lamp shades, pillows and maybe even the adorable piggy bank in the sixty print. Thank you for always posting your amazing finds at Target! Can't wait to see the rest of the Tea Party pictures!

I was in Target today and they still seem to have a fair amount of the Liberty line left. I bought my girls sundresses and the matching headbands. They are so cute, but I don't see myself wearing it, except maybe the wellies (I already have a pair of Orla Kiely wellies so I didn't buy them yet) which they still have plenty of at this store ( Hodgkins, IL). Maybe you could call them and have them sent?

I lucked out tonight. There is a Target near my work that was closed for a week due to the flooding in NJ. It just reopened today and I managed to get a dress and top! Now I would have preferred that we didnt get the floods in NJ at all but well, you know what Im saying...

What I really wanted was the ladies bike, but NONE of the Targets in Utah got it. Very disappointing! My husband is the bike builder at our local Target so I have him on alert for if they ever do miraculously get one in. They never even got the girl size Liberty of London bikes.

Oh I do adore these items...went today...a week late but being from Canada it was hard to get to a Target store...still some items left. My cart was full...with stationary...file boxes...totes..wallet....yes that cute Childs skirt in extra large I was just able to just squeeze into it $12.99 what a steal..a very cute bra... adorable gift bags... and a sweet nightie. All the sweet teapots and dishes were gone...boo hoo.
What a find though I am so happy! xoxo

Did you ever get the tiered tray or the floral wellies? I saw both today at my Target, and I'd be happy to pick them up for you and ship them.
(There was only one of the tiered trays, so respond quickly if you want it and I'll go back in the morning).


I was counting down the days! It was a big event for me and I showed up at 8 a.m.! I think I bought everything you pictured here. Wanted to let you know that I bought the "Sixty" patterned girls' skirt. Even though my kids are too big, I'm having a seamstress turn it into two half aprons. When I get the photo, I'll post!
Thanks for sharing your story!

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