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March 08, 2010


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Great party! I love your tags with the straw stands.

Such a cute party! I bet your daughter and her friends loved it!

What a cool mom you are!

WOW! I wish I could have come to this party! It looks so like so much fun and I love the retro "vibe". Would you mind if I reposted some of the pictures on my blog? Linking back to you of course.. xx

Great ideas and, as always, beautiful photos.

Such total awesomeness ... I used SO MANY of your ideas at my daughter's recent party, I'll put up some posts this week!!

These are soooo cute! Love the thought and love you put into it. :)

There is no limit to your creative genius! I LOVE this party idea. :)

Oh my goodness, what a marvellous sounding party. They eventually fell asleep at 03.30? Lucky you, when my 13 year old had her birthday slumber party the little darlings didn't stop until 04.30. Took me a couple of days to get over that one! You are really inspiring me to try a theme for her next birthday slumber party, A really big thankyou.

that was one rockin' party!

hope you've been able to catch a nap. i was up late last night watching the oscars ( = my super bowl).



What an awesome birthday party. Will come and have party for me next year? I promise I will help you decorate. lol

Just love your blog.


Oh my! You are so talented, it makes me want to be a teen again! I bet your daughter's friends go crazy coming to her parties.

Beautiful! Love the cake and candy bags!

Wow, my birthday parties as a kid were nothing like this! Amazing...heck, I would like to go to a party like this NOW!!

Oh wow. Wow. You outdid yourself. I want to come to your next party, kids or otherwise!!! LOVE the treats. Where did you get the fun ice cream toppings (ie, green chips, etc)? I've been thinking about doing an ice cream social for my daughter's birthday party & she would LOVE those.

Jessica Jessica: I'm surprised they went to sleep at all with all of that sugar! Loved all your ideas. I know they had a great time.

All best wishes.

ohhh this made me sooo hungry for sweets!!

and also i have the urge to throw a party...

cute blog!!

Wow! That looks like the best party ever! All of those special touches are fabulous! I'm sure your daughter felt extra special because of it. Theresa

wow i simply am lost for words. What an amazing party you had, now when can you do mine please, i would be in heaven i think.

Much Love Katy xx

WOW! Everything about that party looks perfect. You are an amazing and very talented Mommy.
Your girls are very lucky.


Can I come to your next party? That looks like it was an awesome party!

What a great Mom you are! Looks like fun....( for them!)

I love the favor bags! xoxo Jess

What a great party - love all the attention to detail you gave. Your daughter must have been thrilled :)

What fun the girls must have had! Your ideas are so creative and your pictures so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

So sweet! I bet they all loved it, and did appreciate all your efforts to make the night so special.

You are such a wonderful and cool mom. I would love to come to this party now, and I can't imagine having one when I was a kid. You're creating wonderful memories that your children will treasure always.

oh my gosh! i love all the thought that you put into this! Those are some lucky girls!

What a great party...with that many sweets how could it not be??:-)

Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing such great ideas and pictures. I wanted to let you know that I made little flower-shaped sugar (cubes) for my 4 yr. old's tea party this past weekend. They were a great addition to the setting!

I'm going to be 25 and I would LOVE this birthday party!

Those daughters of yours are so lucky.

I just love seeing all the beautiful things you come up with. keep em coming, you've got a big fan in me!

What a special day you made for your daughter and her friends.

What font did you use for "Treats" and the girls' names? I've been looking for it, but haven't been able to find it!

I love your site! Super cute!!


How did you seal the goodie candy bags with the border?

Such a cute idea!!

Thank you,


I just redid a booth at my part-time antiques store job at Marketplace Antiques (teaching is the real job). When I finished, I realized that I had used all the colors from your blog...lol...

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