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February 23, 2010


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Target never ceases to amaze!!!

You make Target look good. They need to start paying you to do this!

I love it, these are so cute. Target is just awesome.

boy, i miss flip flops ...

beautiful post.


i saw these today! did you see the coordinating wastebasket? im thinking about buying these, but they dont match my existing bath decor.

Wow...great finds today. I almost bought that nail polish the other day...I am going back to get it now. I think Target should be paying you for all the sales you pass their way. Happy day to you..oh by the way those mini-chocolate bar treats are adorable..I think I will make some up for Easter..thank a million. xoxox

Curse you, now I am going to have to go to Target. Target is dangerous.. but I o need some organizey things for my bathroom and these are perfect!!

SO pretty as always!!! I love that color of nail polish too!!

Jessica, I'm going on a road trip to Fla. from here, Ottawa, Ontario.
I CAN'T WAIT to get to Target. We do not have them here in Canada
; (
You bet I'll be filling my truck with some of these pretties.
You are so pastel. LOVE YOUR BLOG.
I'm still in aw of your candy cupboard : )
Love Claudie

Oooo, I'm thinking that these might be cute to store my laundry soap!

ohhh so pretty Jessica! I have a wedding shower coming up, thanks for the great inspiration!

You have such a pretty blog, just so ya know. ;))

xoxo Heather

Continue to enjoy all that you contribute. I just opened a fresh box of the Mor "Gelato" Soap and adore it. Smells like something wonderful from the past...and oh the packaging! These tins would be great to have on the gift shelf with a theme that would suit any occassion.

OMG, I want this nail polish but we don't have that brand in France...

hello from Singapore! i recently started reading your blog and am in awe of the number of pastel candy coloured things you own! i'm jealous.

I just discovered your lovely blog. Target Tuesday? This speaks to my heart! Can't wait until next Tuesday! :)

Hi Jessica
I had not popped over to your blog in a while and I've noticed that many of "The Doodle Daily" followers do check your site out (I have a link from my blog to yours) I love all the mint green & pink that you have been doing lately. I will have to doodle something in those colors to compliment your work. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi.


I haven't seen those at our Target stores yet, but they are cool. Unfortunately my bath is so small that I could never squeeze them in. lol

I saw a similar color of nail polish yesterday, but decided to go with the lilac. I'm not a wearer, except on the toes during summer.

I am amazed at your blog. I don't know if I have ever been here...but I am adding you to my blogroll. I just love your crafts...gorgeous. Wonderful ideas.

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