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February 11, 2010


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this is such a fun idea! I've never ever seen it before! I thik I am going to start looking for cookie cutters that would work for my little sisters baby shower -maybe little stars! Thanks for the idea dn the step by step... I don't get what the egg thing is - i'll try to research it!

So cute! I may have to try this. We're going to a party with friends Saturday night. This would be a fun little gift! And, I have all the stuff!!!! Yippee.

They are so pretty, I love how you packaged them!

Great minds... :)


Jessica, these sugar hearts (and flowers) are wonderful! I never even knew you could make these. Thanks for showing us how!

You really do create "such pretty things". I have to check you out immediately when I get to my desk eaching morning -- before any work can get done!!! Lovely!!!

such a sweet idea - literally - and I love your choice of colours.

You are so dang smart!

Love these. This has perfect Easter idea written all over it!

Oh those are fun! I will have to give this a swing. Thank you for always having such wonderful posts. You are one of my favorites for sure!

Very cute! If they were at my house my kids would be bouncing off the walls with all of that sugar. I could hide them, but they would be bound and determined to find them!

I love love love these... how creative and adorable. I am part of a mommy coffee meet and I think I will be making these tonight to give out tomorrow for fun!
Thanks for the fantastic idea...... and sorry to hear that your part of the US got hit with such a wicked blizzard/snow storm!


you know how to have a snow day!

sometimes after watching too many i carly episodes, i start thinking that spencer is very cute. :)


Ooh lovely idea! Might try this one day! :)

How neat! So glad you told us how to do this! This would be great for a ladies tea party, too- not just little girls...

I just love every one of your posts! You do the most creative & pretty things. Thank you for brightening my day.

What a great idea! You always have such goo ideas, thanks for sharing them.

How cute are those? Small ones would be great for a tea party instead of regular sugar cubes. After seeing your doily punches I had to go get one...I vowed not to buy anymore crafting stuff until I start working on what I have, but who can resist? I've been using it for making valentines & I love it. But, now I see that I got the one side doily punch and not the double sided...hmmm...might have to get that one, too.

These are so cute thanks for the recipe. I'll be making them for a birthday party I'm hosting in March.

Your blog name is sooooo correct....... you have such pretty things. I absolutely adore your blog and will return frequently. Love the sugar cubes so much.
Hope you will visit me. Happy Valentines Day

glitter and roses

hi!happy valentine's day! your sweets are so lovely! please post me your recipe!!!!!!!!!!

exciting, what a pretty, easy project :-)

How wonderful! I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog. I made these as Valentine's day gifts and subbed a teaspoon of raspberry syrup for one teaspoon of water. They are simply beautiful and look like tiny jewels, plus my son had a wonderful time stirring and helping with the cookie cutter!

Thanks for sharing how to make these. I adore them, I have been thinking about them all weekend. Beautiful!

Hi, I just came over from Paris Boutique Hotel and am so excited to be here!! It's so nice when someone discovers a wonderful blog and shares it with the rest of us!!!
What an unbelievably creative lady you are!!!
I look forward to following your beautiful and tasty adventures!!
Now I'm totally inspired to make some sugar cubes for Easter!!
I'm putting you on my blogroll immediately!!
Have a lovely day!
(Are you familiar with the blog Tory Jayne?
You must check it out asap. You two are kindred spirits!!

Love these Jessica! I am thinking they just may be perfect for an upcoming event. . .

Hope you are doing well!

Hugs, Kim

Absolutely cute!

I love these so much! I'm sharing a link on http://www.crescendoh.com today! I hope it brings lots of hearts to your wonderful blog!


Brilliant!!! I LOVE them and plan to do some for Easter...maybe the flowers. Thank you!

Love your tutorial, this is a wonderful project!

How very adorable! I just blogged about it and can't wait to try it out.

One Florida Bride


They look so cute and tasty!
It looks like something that came out in a sweet dream~

OMG! My daughter is always looking for a project and she loves being in the kitchen. This can be used for any holiday or celebration or just because. Really good idea.

These are so pretty. I didn't know you could make them yourself!


OH! This should be perfect =] I'm planning my daughter's first birthday (she's 5 months tomorrow LOL) and it's going to be 1UP (Super Mario) themed. I've been trying to figure out what to use as spots for the mushroom cake! Yay thank you

I really adore these! WOW! they are so pretty!

Oh my, what a wonderful thing to run across!

So cute. And so pretty. I love these. And my daughter would eat them like candy too.

Very cute but way too much sugar for my family. They are adorable, though.

Have you ever added any flavoring to them? Like almond, peppermint, lemon, or vanilla etc... Just curious if that would work or not? Can't wait to try this with my daughter, she'll love this one.

brilliant! I love the soft pink and baby blue

Aren't these the prettiest things? And so simple!

These are very Cute!


Can I use them for coffee even if they contain egg?

These are so cute and I've never seen anything like it before. I'm hosting a tea party for charity in a couple of weeks time and these are just perfecr. Hope mine turn out as good!

They are so cute. I love how you bagged them up and gave them as gifts too. :)

can not wait to try this in the morning

Thank you so much for this recipe. I will be having a party this summer, and this would be the most perfect treat for me to serve my guests. I will take pictures and put them up for you and others to see.


Dawn E. Hayes

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