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February 08, 2010


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Jessica, Everything you post is always BEAUTIFUL! I have absolutely no need for pastel tapes but I find myself wanting some only because you make them so beautiful. I still havent gotten over the candy cupboard as of yet. You are so gifted. Have a blessed week, Cherie

Your blog is SO MUCH FUN :-))

I've been following it for a while and just had to let you know how much I enjoy it.

xo Noel

Ok enough stocking your blog. I have been visiting you for some time now. Like Cherie, you caught me me drooling over your candy cupboard. I thought if anyone can be that organized, creative and gifted, but be very very special. You are Jessica.
I love coming to see you. You have my heart in every single one of your posts. LOVE IT ALL.
Why today? Well, you and I have the same vase with the forget-me-nots. Yup same same. I also have that little swan. I knew we were on the same note. My house is filled with all things pastel also. I just don't have a knack of showing them off like you do, so I come here and drool.
Thanks for all the lovelies Jessica. Keep em' coming.
Love Claudie

WOW spelling mistakes..sorry. I didn't proof read. I think you get the picture. lol

Super pretty, the forget-me-not pieces ARE totally you :)

i am so with you on adoring the forget-me-nots. beautiful!


Where do you find that cute colored tape?

Oooh gorgeous colours - I wish my office was this pretty! x

I love it! I agree with Elyse, where did you find that tape, and also the pencils? I really hate matchy match in my furniture, but in my own space....gotta have it.

I love all your pretty supplies!! I wish you could come prettify my house. Do you have a favorite place to find such pretty office supplies? Thanks for sharing!

Goodness how much prettiness can I take? That's just so beautifully arranged and it must make your day so much happier for seeing such pretty things.

This is so gorgeous! Thank you so much for this taste of spring. I am sitting here with 25 inches of snow and 10 more expected over the next 2 days! I will probably come back again and gaze wistfully.

such pretty, sweet supplies! i just got a new desk and need to stock it :-)

I just found you blog and I am totally inspired by your photos. I love the pastel office supplies. Where do you find them?
Thank you for the wonderful site it is a little treasure to open up in the morning for me.... amanda

Jessica, this is a beautiful post. I love the colors you choose for your office supplies.

your place is a DREAM
how on earth do you manage to find EVERYTHING pastel? i almost feel like it's not actually...it's just a setting on your camera that makes everything pretty & pastel...haha. i want to live in your pastel world.

SO beautiful!

Jessica, I was at an antique shop yesterday and saw a forget me not vase exactly like the one you have your scissors in only smaller. More like a bud vase. I picked it up then put back only because I already had ten things waiting for me at the counter! Your office supplies are the prettiest I've seen! That little swan is sweet

What a cute and gorgeous blog you have. Thanks for sharing those beutiful pastel shades. /linnea-maria

Such perfect ways to keep your Studio Space Neat! Hugs, Diane

What gorgeous and inspiring photos of your studio supplies!

OK, GIrl! Where DO YOU find all of this? The colors are fabulous! Come on! SHARE YOUR SECRET!!!!!!
WHat a great post!!!! Loved every single shot!
HAGE! Karen

Oh I LOVE your stationary arrangement :) I LOVE nice pens and pencils - and to have them matching the containers is just beautiful!

SOOOO cute- tell me where you get the pretty supplies- just my colors. My son-in-law teased me that my house is a perpetual EASTER! Love it all!

These are so lovely! I'm going to have to implement some of this into my office. It's so drab right now, I really need to do something pretty with it.

What an absolutely fabulous idea for organizing the pesky but necessary little office supplies!

I quite agree that they need to be up front and in plain sight, I just never thought of using such pretty pieces as office supply containers.

Next thought? Heck! Why not?! .... very beautiful and reminded me of my Grandmother's things kept in the "pink bedroom" - I adored them as a kid ... still do. Thank you for the idea!


Please tell me where the egg shell colored tape came from??

Where did you find that pastel tape????

I learned about your blog on Paris Hotel Boutique, and I want to thank you for your beautiful images and wonderful descriptions. I live in Tidewater, Va, so I have been to some of the stores that you have visited. Also, I have an antique booth in Marketplace Antiques in Gloucester, Va, and we did the Luckett show in May for a couple of years. Sometimes, it is a "small world"!

Often, when I am out hunting for goodies, I see things and think, "Jessica could use that in her blog." One place I especially love, the Goodwill (when it isn't garage sale season!). Do you have one by you? Also, have you been to Body Central and Charlotte Russe? They both have cheap, vintage-style jewelry.
Happy hunting, and if you need some insider tips for antiquing in Tidewater, Va, let me know!

That whole color-scheme looks absolutely lovely, especially with the flowers.

I love how all of your office accessories are color-coordinated. I don't think it's weird at all! You just like things to look good.

I like how you think outside the box. My desk is filled with monotonous boring clips and pens! I wish I had your desk lol


Those are very pretty office supplies. Did you buy all the office supplies originally like that or decorated some yourself?

Please tell us where you found these supplies?

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