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February 19, 2010


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I love, love, LOVE these! I'll def. be making a michaels trip for some paper today. Thank you for sharing this with us, I just know your daughters party will be darling. Wish me luck with mine on the 26th! :)

what a very lovely idea. I'll be doing this for my little girl, when she's older and has lots of friends round for her bd. :o) thank you for such a sweet (in every way!) idea.


What a special party she's going to have! Those are beautiful!

You can also use the hershey nugget candies and address labels. I stamp the labels then let my son (he is 4) color and decorate them. the labels are self sticky, so it saves on the mess. I love glitter, so I use Stickles glitter glue to add some pizzazz. Thanks for sharing the wall paper technique!!! I never think to use things like that!!

they look amazing - great idea :)

Theses are lovely, a great idea! I am going to use this idea for baby shower favors! And possibly again for a tea party coming up soon!

I love your site.

Beautiful favor Jessica! This is definitely going into my "good idea" file!

The party is ure to be wonderful!

These are so beautiful....I think I will make some for Easter. Thanks for another beautiful idea. Oh lucky your daughter is to have such a talented Mama.
xxoo Valarie

I can hardly stand it! Everything you do is so beautiful!!! Beautiful! My daughter is also having a tea party for her birthday party. I am in the process of making paper shoes to hold treats, your candy bars would look beautiful in them.

Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I wish you could hear me gasping with delight every time I pop over to your site! You are such a treasure!

Jessica, this is absolutely to die for.
Your blog is always full of eye candy. I love every post. When I sit to have my cup of coffee, and see your name pop up with a new post, I'm always excited to look.
Thank you for making my days so much prettier. I'm a pink personality too : )
These little chocolate bars are perfect. You are one very talented, creative soul. My favorite was your pantry OMG. When I sprinkle each and every one of my cup cakes I think of you in a good way : )
Have a great weekend and I can't wait to see your daughter's party.
Love Claudie from Canada


I saw these on your Flickr. What a stunning idea. I just love to see what gorgeous creations and ideas people come up with. I LOVE THESE!!!

I've been lurking for a bit. You have the best ideas! I love your Target Tuesday posts. :)

this is so right up my alley!


I too have been lurking a bit - and you really do have the BEST ideas! SO creative. I always check your Target Tuesdays as well...and every once in a while, I purchase your item of the week! :) Love your blog.

cute idea!

This is such a good idea and so sparkly and pretty. Thank you for sharing!

Everything you do is fantastic... I think I might try these. I have to plan my daughter's 3rd birthday everytime I ask her what she wants she says Pink.

But I have no idea what to do, I'll keep coming back here to get inspired! Feel free to offer me any ideas!


Just GORGEOUS! She is a very lucky girl.

more ideas that are just beyond beautiful!!!

These are adorable! I was just thinking how cute they would be with the pastel foil colored candy bars that come out at Easter time, they should be in stores now. Very creative :) Love them!

I do these for every holiday and put them in my glass candy dishes. Used them for my daughter's grad party too, they were a hit. Great and simple idea, the paper you used is beautiful.


You sure have a way of making Everything look soooo beautiful!!

They're darling! Great idea!

These are adorable. I just want a bowl of them sitting around my house. LOL

I've seen this done before , but never with vintage wallpaper.
What a great idea! They'd be wonderful favors for a spring tea party!

Hi Jessica: These are beautiful...love them. Where do I get the vintage wallpaper?? Don't forget to share the rest of the great ideas you're doing for the party. Can't wait to see!!!

What a fantastic idea! I'm really going to do this... :)

I made some of these for Christmas and Valentines with the paper that goes with the holiday, big hit with my family. I have got to tell you, this is the most awesome blog I have ever seen. Such bright vivid colors, eye candy, it makes my day to look at your pretties. I will be back tomorrow.

glitter and roses

Those look fabulous! The glitter makes them extra-special!

These are so pretty and sweet. What a great treat for the dainty girlies.

What an absolutely fabulous idea. How precious......
Also, I think you should put together a little bag of those wallpaper stripes and sell them. I would buy them. They are so yummy...
thanks for the wonderful idea.
have a fabulous day
Cari B.

Really, these are breathtaking...all lined up!

Oh, what a cute idea!! :)

Very cute idea! Love it :)

super cute! these will be the hit of the party!!

You really have a gift of creativity. Who would have thought that these are only a hershey's mini chocolate bars. I thought this is another new brand of chocolate.

It's amazing!..I'm sure your daughter loves them and will wish you to do that every single day..You have a good job..

This is really pretty! I have been looking for a DIY wedding favor and I just found my pick! Thanks so much for featuring this!

Annabella Merlin
Creative Photo Albums

sweet idea!

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