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January 23, 2010


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hi jessica,

what a stunningly beautiful collection and they are all in such good condition!

i think the aqua is my favorite.



WOW!! I can't remember I ever saw those!! The pink one is my fave but the others are so pretty too! I would collect them as well lol

Oh, those ARE pretty! I've never seen an aqua one. The only kind I ever see, and these not very much, are the plain, red ones.

Candy boxes are something I have fallen in love with lately too although I haven't been lucky enough to snatch one! Come for a visit. I am having a giveaway.


These are so beautiful . . . can not believe they are in such pristine condition.
Wherever did you find them????

These are some real beauties! Love to collect them too!

I'm drooling over the pink one.



Where on earth did you unearth such beautiful boxes

Those are all gorgeous! I can't say I've ever come across any like those but I'll be sure to be on the look out! ~ Theresa

goodness me, they don't make them like that anymore do they? I have never seen anything like that for sale here, but I will keep my eyes peeled just in case. Beautiful.

No, certainly not overwhelmed by your photos. Keep them coming, they are lovely to see :O) Thank you!


How do you find these pretties? You have a real talent! Also, would you ever care to share with my LolliShops.com audience how you take such wonderful photographs?
You're amazing!

Oh how beautiful! My dad used to buy them for me, I so wish i still had them! How do you display them? I bought last year a Easter bonnet candy box adorned the same way! Lori

oooh these are just beautiful! I've never seem vintage Valentines boxes before, so pretty.

Hello :) I've been reading your blog for a little while, but haven't commented. You simply take my breath away with each and every post. (I found you when I did a google search on Martha Stewart glitter. I live in Sydney Australia and we can only get a VERY limited range here which is sad - and no flocking powder either)
Anyway, i adore these boxes, such beautiful colours! Thankyou for your continual inspiration :)
bec x

Beauty overload! As usual, you've wowed me with pretty things:) I wish they still sold boxes like these.

These are beautiful! I remember my Mom getting these beautiful boxes filled with really good candy when I was little. Hers always seemed to be red, but I was small....Daddy would give me my own special little box too! Thank you for sharing these!

WOW!! I can always remember This.... The pink one is my fave but the others are so pretty too!!!

Oooohhhh Ahhhhh Ohhhh!!! Just so so sweet!! So hard to pick a fave....hmmm....it might be the Aqua!..scrummy!!!!

As always...such happy stuff!!

xoxo Jenny

All of them are beautiful! Now you have me wanting to collect them! Am when I think of all of them that I thru away it makes me so mad at myself!!!

I just wish that the Valentine's day candy boxes looked half as good as they used to. I mean those are just so beautiful. Now they're mostly cardboard.

Absolutely gorgeous this valentines candy boxes so adorable really like it.


What do you do with them? Do you display them? I have a few myself.

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