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January 04, 2010


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I Love the beautiful sprinkles you made. I cannot wait to try some out myself. I am looking forward to seeing all of the lovely tips you share with us this year. Thanks so much. Have a lovely day.

Well that's just genius ! Would you believe I have a friend in Australia who can't get the fun "holiday" type sprinkles ? She sends me money so I can send them back to her by the box ! Sprinkles are a way of life ! LOL

I love this idea!! Years ago I made some large Easter Egg cookies but had to tint everything to match the limited jimmie colours. I prefer it the other way around. Thanks for showing me how!!
Love our visits - I'm always enlightened :-)

Nice! Such pretty pictures.

Such pretty colors! I've never heard of powdered food coloring before. Do you think it would work to color powdered sugar? I've been looking for a way to do that.

Love it! I as well feel the same way about sprinkles and can't wait to try this!
PS: Love your blog!

Fabulous!! Love this idea and so easy. Who knew. Love your blog. :-) LindaSonia

Oh Jessica, A craft that I can handle. I just figured out how to do this with sugar and gel food colorings. Sprinkles are even more wonderful. I was wondering where you do happen to find this petal dust as well as the bottles? Also, I would love to see a picture of your crazy sprinkle filled cupboards. Please forgive all the questions but I am truly interested!

Such a great idea! I'm with you...I have tons of sprinkles in a rainbow of colors and also the the little round balls in different colors and even silver, gold and other metalic colors. Love them!

I'm going to try this. I've never done this before. I have tons of colors I can I use to color them.

Thanks. Looking forward to your party ideas. I'm a party girl myself.


Happy New Year Jessica....!

MAde me smile to leave your lovely post this morning...I'll be thinking of 'sprinkles' at work today for sure...!

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

That is a fantastic idea. So simple and yet such a beautiful result.
Thank you for sharing.
Cari B.

Those are so pretty! This has my wheels spinning for Easter confections!

You always have wonderful ideas, but this one is just spectacular!


What a wonderful idea!!! They are beautiful! I enjoy your blog very much, and am always happy to what you have posted! Thanks for all of the inspiration!!!


What a fantastic idea, I see way too many sprinkles in my future! Thanks for sharing. :)

could you be any cooler? i LOVE this!!!

i have done something similar to color noodles to use as beads with my boys and their pals. very fun but this is way prettier!


Now how didn't I think of that?? Thanks so much for sharing! I use the same color to tint powdered sugar! Comes out great. Also Be, Bath and Beyond sells empty spice jars too! Keep those great ideas coming!!!! Lori

Oh my goodness...this has to be the tip of the decade...I am so going to do this. Your colours are amazing. Where do you get the die..I have never seen it before. Your images amaze me..I think I could stare at them all day long.

This is so awesome. I bet this would work with nonpareils too.

i love love love love your blog!!!!!
i am SO going to feature you on my blog when i get more followers so more people can be inspired!! i just started my blog and im doing a really nice give away.. i want your website to be open so i can buy your lovely items!

wow so creative and what a good idea! The pictures are so pretty xxxx

This post makes me ridiculously happy and goes under the "why didn't I think of that?" category of my life. AWESOME!

ooh, now I like that idea. I have no idea if I can get hold of powdered food colouring, but I'm going to have a dashed good try. I've already seen a superb Betty Crocker cupcake idea that I love, and these would finish them off a treat. Wonderful!



What a great idea! I love all the colors you made! I'll have to try this!

Wow! Those are so pretty! I didn't even know they made powdered food colouring. I'm going to have to keep that in mind next time I'm doing cupcakes with my daughter. Thank you for posting this!

You are so creative! I just love coming to your blog..you always inspire me. I love doing parties as well. My dream is to have my own party planning business but I am not sure it would do too well because of where I live. Well, have a nice day!

What a fabulous idea Jessica! I believe they have powdered food coloring in baking supply catalogs.
Try this one:

Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I am on the lookout for powdered food coloring now. These sweet little bottles would look so adorable by my baking station. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for helping to make my pantry beautiful!

What cute ideas. OMG, where did you get all of these ideas? Kudos, what a cute blog. Thanks for sharing all of your party ideas.

Where can you get powdered food coloring? The nearest craft store where I live (JoAnne Fabrics) only has gel food coloring in their food craft department.

I don't think I can thank you enough for this post! I've been searching everywhere for light blue Jimmies and I just can't find them. After reading this I went right to work and OMG I now have LIGHT BLUE JIMMIES! Thank YOU, ThAnK yOu, THANK YOU!

Colored dust: search the web-
luster dust * sparkle dust * petal dust

This is such a great idea. Thank you for being genenrous enough to share it. :)


What a magnificent idea! I'm so glad Frog Prince Paperie lead me to you.

I'm curious would these bleed onto white icing?

this is such a fantastic idea!!!! thank you so much for this easy tutorial.

Since you are a sprinkle expert I have a question. I am looking for sprinkles that are shaped like a house. Any idea where I could find something like this?
Thanks in advanced Carissa

Wouldn't the powdered food coloring also color the frosting that you put the sprinkles on? Just wondering.

Have you ever put these in a cake? Like the funfetti cake. I am interested to see if you were able to do this without the color running.

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