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December 23, 2009


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I love your Target Tuesdays and will take them on a Wednesday any day! Of course you do know that you are creating a shopping monster in me. Trying to stay focused on CHRISTmas, hehe, but just might find the time to swing by my local Target and check these beauties out! Much love to you!

This are so cute! I hope my Target has some ~ I'm stopping there after work!

I MUST have some of these! I'm absolutely dotty for polka dots!

This is so sweet and creative! xx

Your blog is so pretty and I like stopping by on Target tuesdays. Despite them not allowing Toys for Tots on their establishment I still shop there because they have really adorable well priced goods and i'm not a Walmart kinda gal i'm afraid. LOL.


these are so cath kidston! i must have them! LOL how could i have missed these with all my recent trance-like wanderings through the entire store?

happiest holidays to you!


LOVE EM! SO cute the stuff you find for us to look at. I might have to go seek out these beauties!
Merry CHRISTmas!

just too pretty for words. Father Christmas will be lucky when he stops at yours tonight.

Merry Christmas

Sadie x

How perfect are those cupcakes?

These would be perfect for my red & aqua kitchen! Gah I love Target waay too much.

I just discoverd your blog! and was delighted to see that you are also a Washingtonian:) I love these glasses and I too love Target so very much. Can't wait to read more of your blog!

OOOh! Yummy cupcake!! Check out these divine cupcakes at The Rose Chandelier ........ http://therosechandelier.blogspot.com/2010/03/cupcake-craze.html

Wonderfully inspirational blog!! x

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