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December 07, 2009


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Brilliant idea and they came out beautifully!

It is a nice process of making candies.It is an easy and wonderful idea to make candy at home.

that is so perfectly lovely!

I love these pretty colored candy canes! Have a nice vacation!

Brilliant! I love this idea and what an easy activity to do with the kids! Thanks for the idea!

Hugs ~ Angie

I just adore how you stay to the same beautiful colors! Everything is always so picture perfect looking! I wish I lived near you so we could be best friends!


That's a great idea and they look super pretty!

Oh! So pretty! I desperately need some of those! Will you share where you purchased those heavenly delights? They would look so beautiful in my family room. Good going, Girl, thanks for sharing that idea, and making us all drool!

Very cool! Where did you get those lovely candy canes?

What a great idea! It's so pretty and looks delicious!

that is such a lovely idea. I won't even think about doing something similar as I just KNOW I won't find pastel coloured candy canes in the UK.

Love your hostess gift. C&W are a big favourite of mine too, I'm particularly partial to the pink champagne truffles, not least because the truffles are pink!

Lucky you with the snow. It's just rain here more often than not at the moment, I am craving a dusting of snow.

I love this candy cane Idea!!! They look so pretty..

Those are so cute!!! (And looks so easy, too!)

they look so nice! your photography is wonderful too!

adorable idea!

enjoy the sun!


I Die this is so dang cute.

Jessica, OMG!!! Those look amazing. The pastel candy canes are 2DIE4. Awesome.


so clever and very, very lovely on top of that!

what a cute and pretty idea! Have a wonderful vacation, thanks again for sharing all your great ideas!

Such a great idea! I love these :)

I tried it and they turned out great. I linked my post about it to yours! Thanks for the great idea!


They look especially inviting because of the pastel theme... I would just die to find candy canes in those shades! Jealous.

I'm going to dip some candy sticks when I dip my pretzels... soon enough but I'm running out of time :(

simply fabulous.
what a clever girl you are - and, i think they would make great spring candy treats, Easter treats, because of the colors.

I love them. Wish I could find those candy canes. Texas isn't really known for pastel.....anything. LOL

Absolutely gorgeous....as always! I just love coming here to see what you come up with next. Daisy~

Wow! You are on a creative pastel genius lately!!!! Love it! Lori
have to run, I must find those candy canes!!!!!

Oooh, how pretty ... and tasty!

I've had the most impossible time finding white nonpareils. Had to decorate my cookies with bright colors. :-(

OMG! I think the candy canes have to be my Merry Christmas greeting blog post photo (with credit to you, of course)! What beautiful photos and what a clever idea indeed! Love them!

Well this sure looks great! you have magic hands I tel you! My mother always dose special things on her own. Just like your "designer sweets" hehe :) I hate the cold myself, the hot weather is just so much better for the mood, hope you had a nice time.

that is so perfectly lovely! I must find those candy canes!!!!!

Thank you for sharing great idea ! best wishes Jonny


This is a nice idea, i remember buying candy cane when I was in high school.

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