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November 14, 2009


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hi jessica,

i am also in swoon-overdrive over the new martha line at michaels. here's proof:

happy playing!


Oh - I muse get some of the taffy stickers for our summer weekend trips to the NJ boardwalk, and those sparkly photo corners! Thanks for sharing.

I have to say when I saw the new glitter products in Michael's last week I almost fell over! I've saved up a few coupons so that I can buy some of the tinsel glitter and the flake glitter. As much as I'm not a fan of Martha, I do like her craft products!

OMG!!!! I want to go to Michaels right now and get one of everything you have posted. I'm having heart palpitations that they won't have anymore glitter left. And those candy stickers. I NEED THIS STUFF. Oh and the Tinsel Glitter.

I have got to get my 50% off coupon and run out to buy that glitter set. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about this.


Love all the glitter :-)

I just bought some of the flocking powders and can't wait to give them a try!

I love ALL the Martha Stewart glitters. And now the flocking powder. I had the best time with the flocking powder. So much fun.

Martha and her team of designers deserve a glittered gold metal for their awesome products! Those taffy stickers are so clever. Her glitter is to die for!

I did the same thing....what? I love her stuff, she better not be going out of here! But then a clerk told me the same thing. I got some of her great glitter too! Did you get any of that glitter but its little tiny round beads? I love it...it looks really awesome!

*sigh* we don't get Martha products in GB. So not fair, it looks gorgeous.

I noticed that Martha's line has been marked down a lot in recent months and I was worried that she decided to discontinue her crafting products but new ones keep coming and I'm in love with all of them!! I haven't seen the ones that you have pictured yet. Absolutely adorable!! I have to make it a point to visit my local crafting store real soon. :)

~ Wendy

What fun ! Caught the flocking and new glitter and got all excited myself - Good to know I'm not the only one LOL.

I am drooling with delight!

i am a HUGE fan of martha's glitter too. the black onyx is totally amazing and transforms anything in ordinary black paint to black...indescribably brilliant!

Just bought the glitter pack! Love her selection of glitters and you are 100% right those new stickers are fabulous! Lori

Love, Love, Love it! I have seen some of her new christmas stuff too at Michael's, and it's adorable! Can't wait to see what yo do with the glitter!

love your blog- I am crazy about martha's glitter glue -the best!!

I love Martha Stewarts craft stuff, so I'll have to check out the stores to see what new stuff I can find! I LOVE your blog! You're so inspirational. I've checked you out every now and then and now I've started my own blog!

Check me out : www.nowoodenspoons.blogspot.com

PS. I love, love, love Target Tuesdays!!! :)

xoxo Cat

Another Jessica, and a lover of Martha! I wish we got such a lovely range in Australia alas we do not. I dream of a trip to the US where I can run around Michael's and spend all my hard-earned dollars!

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