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October 07, 2009


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I love that store! So many goodies in such a small quaint shop:))

Have a great time on your NY trip:)))


Great post!! have fun and let us know all about it. I'm off to New York for the first time next month, so excited - let me know all the great things to do!! xx

OMG! Your pics of Paris to the Moon are amazing beyond words! I had to study each and every detail. It seems to me that California has all the good shops. We have nothing like that here. Have a wonderful weekend in NY (I'm green with envy!)

Oh my goodness! The shop is just amazing! I love it all.

Have a wonderful time in NYC.

Oh what a lovely little shop....I'm green with envy....it is totally charming.

Thanks for sharing and have an awesome day.


I used to think I was a shopaholic (in ye good olde days, when I didn't have to wrestle through shop doors with a pram!), but you are far better than I ever was! I would LOVE to go to the shops you talk about in your posts. I'm sure that there are such pearls in England, but I've never come across them!
Thank you for sharing your superb photos.

Have fun in NY, you lucky thing!

Your life sounds like mine...American Girl and the Apple store!! HAHA. I live in Anaheim Hills, CA and I haven't even heard of some of the stores you have blogged about. Now I have some new stores to check out! Thanks for sharing!

Have fun in NY.

holy guacamole, i would need a snack before and after entering this shop. absolutely amazing! did you buy things? sooooo glad you took pics.

have a wonderful autumn weekend in NYC! what a fabulous time to be there. sigh.

perhaps we'll have a tinsel tuesday next week? tee hee


Oh Jessica I'm SO THRILLED you're going to see the NEW Shabby in New York... :o) !

So GOOD for the soul to be surrounded by such beauty...!!!

Hey listen, while you're there do you think you might be able to 'snaffle' some brochures...They would make an EXCELLENT give away....!!

I'll be with you in spirit....!

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

pics are great!!!

I agree with jeanie, there is nothing around where I live in Missouri, either that is fabulous like the store you showed Paris to the Moon.
I sure hope you post pictures from the Shabby Chic store, when you return home.
I am here just dreaming of going.

WOW! Absolutely beautiful pictures! Looks like a lovely store. Thank you for sharing. Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :]

That shop is exactly what I love..lots of stuff everywhere, eye candy galore! Your pictures are great, I feel like I just visited. I'll be back to view them when I need a dose of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica, you never disappoint! What a lovely shop, have a wonderful time in NYC,I hope to visit there someday.

What an absolutely gorgeous shop!! I never wanted the pictures to end!! Have a wonderful weekend in NYC. The weather looks better for the second half of the weekend but I'm sure you'll make the most of it no matter what. : )

~ Wendy

If I'm ever in Costa Mesa I'm going to have to make this my first stop. Heavenly! Have a wonderful trip to NYC. My brother and his wife and 2 year old just moved there and are loving it. Jenn @ rookno17.blogspot.com

New York is very beautiful city> iT s the modern city with sky scrapping building. I went there last year and booked my flight through LMT. IT was really good experience there and we enjoyed lot.

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