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July 22, 2009


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i am dying over here...my hubby has been teasing me since i saw your "tubs of millinery at brimfield" post...he assured me there are tubs of millinery in ohio, i just haven't found them yet...nice try...LOL...i am just swooning over each and every one of your gorgeous finds...the hats and flowers really take the cake though!!! gorgeous!!!

Oh, my, Jessica, I am completely envious of your found treasures :) Especially the millinery flowers - I can't believe the stash you came home with. All, utterly gorgeous! Like Lori, there is nothing here in my parts, nothing at all, so when I see this many flowers in one place, well, I just can't believe my eyes!

OUTRAGEOUS! My eyes are still popping out of my head and my heart is racing. I'm adding this to my list of places I hope to visit before I go to heaven! I love the things you brought home. Lovely, lovely, lovely. A special thanks for the heads up on the mason jars at Target. I also like storing things in jars because of the same reasons you mentioned. Great post!

Everything is SO pretty.
Love those boxes too.

I love everything you have pictured. Just wonderful! Especially the millinery flowers; I always snatch those up when I find them-they're getting harder to find. Gotta get to Brimfield one day :)

The wicker purse is amazing, how I want one as pretty as yours :)

Such beauties! Will the steam revitalize the flowers??

OMG! You find the best millinery......and that pink ribbon....you're right TDF!

Oh, how wonderful! I want to go!!!

Oh the pleated ribbon kilt me daid. Soooo pretty.

I'm loving your blog! It's hard for me to call myself "Vintage" but I suppose I am. My grandmother made a wicker basket purse for me when I was in college (1960) smothered with the most gorgeous seashells on the stop. Those petticoats are exactly like what I wore in high school. LOL This site is YUMMY to look at. I see things here that I found in excess in my grandmother's storeroom when I cleaned out her house a few years ago - even lots of blue/green Mason jars. I store things in those or just use them in groupings as accessories.

Oh so jealous, Lucky you. This was really your day! Just love the photos.

OMG! I love the millinery flowers so much! Your daughter must be very helpful. Wish I was you!!!!!
- Abigail

love your blog! do you think you can next time list prices?? and by the way, with all those vintage dresses-prom frilly ones you buy, where do you wear them too?? they gorgeous but where do you where them too? maybe you could have a pic of you wearing the dress, lol only if your comfortable to put your face out there on teh internet:P

Great finds! I love those pretty millinery flowers in the lovely pastels!

What a sugar spun post! Lori

I've been wanting to go to Brimfield for YEARS! You've only confirmed my suspicions that it's totally Fabulous!

Jessica, You hit the mother load...Those millinery flowers are just gorgeous.. I bet you were thrilled to death...How nice to have you daughter there to help..Hope all is well..

Goodness! What a wonderful eye you have for treasures!

The colours are just amazing. Like works of art. How inspiring.

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