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April 02, 2009


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wow, girl!! you knocked it OUT of the park. WTG. Your daughter will always treasure the memories!

What an absolutely ideal "Juicy" party!
I would have loved to have gone...
I'm impressed!

That sounds like an amazing party! Very cool ideas--I love the little crowns on the cupcakes!

Great party, and I so know what you mean when you say it is easier to have it elsewhere. When my daughter turned 13 we rented a limo with another close friend with a birthday close to Kates. They hung with the same group of girls so we had the girls meet us at a local restaurant for dinner. We had the limo pick us up from there - it was a surprise to all but the birthday gals. They screamed when they saw the limo. We basically drove around for 2 hours while they helped themselves to the mini bar and rocked out to tunes. The limo dropped them off each at home (and they called each of their parents to look out the window when the limo pulled up) It was a totally easy party since it wasn't at my house and most of the girls had never been in a limo before.
I can't believe all the details you did for that part - you amaze me. So understand getting the goodies at the after Christmas sale and the outlet - those goodie bags were awesome. Am sure all the girls will never forget that party!

I think that your Juicy party kicked our Juicy party's butt! Lucky to be so close to a store, and where we live it is hard to find Juicy anywhere so I had to bring it back from traveling. I would just die to get into an outlet! Love the goodie bags, you are extremely generous to your guests!

How fun!

Your daughter is one very lucky girl to have had such a wonderful birthday party. My birthday parties growing up were nowhere near as fabulous as hers. Thanks for sharing a little bit of her special day with us. So fun to see all of the creativity you have in planning parties for your girls.

What a fabulous party! Since my daughter is only 5, I am SO out of the Juicy loop - but I just love all of your ideas!

What a wonderful Birthday Party..I bet your daughter and her friends had an amazing time...I just loved every element of the party....Those cupcakes are so darn cute...The gift bags are adorable...

I wish I could have gone with you!!!!!!!!


oh goodness me. as a HUGE juicy fan, i am seriously drooling over all these goodies. i have that monopoly set (i glittered mine up with stickles glitter glue) and a few of the other goodies and i gotta say, that sounded like a fabulous evening. what a wonderful mama you are to host such a decadent event.

thanks for sharing!

This is one of the best birthday party ideas I've ever seen. You are an amazing planner!!

wow!!! you certainly outdid yourself. Can you please plan my next birthday party?? I am turning 41 soon wouldnt mind a little Juicy shopping. Looked fab... you could knock any party planners socks off with you hands tied!
Lisa (accessories of old)

Love this party theme! Looks wonderful!
For my daughter's 13th birthday we did a hotel/spa party. It was great fun, and yes, a little less work. The girls all had a wonderful time! It sticks out as one my favorite parties we've done too. :0)

oh how FUN!!! what a fabulous party!!! LOVE it!! what a great Mom!! I hope you have a fabulous night!!! hugs!!! Britt :-)

OMG I can just imagine how proud your daughter was to show her friends such a good time, FANtastic planning and creativity!

Wow what a party! Can you throw one for me please?! LOL!

Glad you all had fun,

Victoria xxx

Oh whata perfect party idea. The girls I imagine were in heaven. You are so creative and sucha talent!!!

That was lovely! I've already started thinking what I can do for my soon to be 2yr old! Sigh--she's growing up...

Oh my goodness! I want this party and I am 27...lol! What an amazing event...and I love how you shared each step in the process. That is a party that your daugher {and her friends!} will never forget!

You are truly one of the most inspiring women I have met in this online world! So glad to have found you ;)

WOW Jessica! You almost outdid your own self! I am SO very impressed. You could certainly do this party business for a living. Especially if you live in a bigger city. BRAVO!!
ps: I sure hope your girls know how very lucky they are!

WOW!!! what a fantabulous birthday party!!! how sweet+loving are you to always create such magical memories for your adorable daughters...sweet memories to treasure a lifetime! totally agree with Alice...you're such a very special heart that inspires magnificent beauty in everything...thank you so much for sharing your world with us! xoxo jo;)

This is such an AMAZING party! I love the abundance of pink & everything looks gorgeous:) Truly inspiring!

You have amazing style! I think this is such a great idea for a party, and I love how you pre~planned the store visit with goody bags for the girls when they left ~ they must have had an unforgettable day!

OHMYGOSH! My daughter is turning 6 and isn't into Juicy yet....but I know that it is coming. I will 100% copy this idea, WHAT AN AMAZING PARTY!!! I LOVED IT, and so wish I could come back as one of your daughters...or at least a friend of your daughter - what a FUN mom you are!!! Great party!

Are you kidding me?! What a FABULOUS party! Absolutely incredible?!?!

so much juicy going on here! an absolutely brilliant idea!

How did you make your party invitations?

Where did you get the invitations?

Where did you get the Invitations? My daughter is turning 13 and wants a juicy couture theme.

Your daughter as well as her friends are making me jelous!lol. Mom u rocked, You will always be the best in her eyes as well as her friends. April from Orlando

hi my name is kiara and im trning 13 in 2010 and ever since i was 11 i wanted a juicy couture party and my mom always said wait til u turn 13 for your sweet 13 and i am already planning i just want to know how you get your invitations

I would really like to do this for my daughter!If you don't mind me asking how much did it all cost?

Wow,Do you mind telling me which hotel this was?


I would like to know if you would make 110 of the Juicy invitations? Please advise of your cost....you can really make money on those.

I am planning my 8 year olds 9 year party and of course she wants Juicy. I just wanted to know how or where you did the invites. I am so copying this idea and we are having a blast planning it. I have already started collected the girls goodies and I have the bags already.
Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Where did you buy the invitation?

Hi! Im planning on having a Juicy Couture/ Candy Party in June for my 13th birthday... I was wondering how you did the invitations!?! Were they custom made??? And if you hand made them what did u use?? And do u have any other ideas for this party? By the way, SUCH A GREAT JOB WITH THIS PARTY! ITS A DREAM TO HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING PARTY LIKE THIS!!!!! ;0)

can u please tell me where you got the invitations

I am very interested in where you got the invitations for the party. Could you please let me know as I have been searching for invitations for my daughter's Juicy party for a while. Any info you can give would be great.

I love everything about this party.I would love to know were or how did you do the invites.Im giving my daughter a juicy party for her 7th birthday.

Beautiful, please tell me where you got the invitations.

Wow! My son is turning one and I would love to know what you would do for a little boys party!

wow!what a great party i had the same idea i just started planning my daughters 8th birthday party i am having it at a local hotel and had the nearest juicy store send me all the goodies i also ordered the m & ms i also was smart like you and ordered the sales but i have one question how did you or where did you get the invitations?

i love that chair

Awesom, where did you get the invitations from

I am planning my daughters 16th birthday party. I dont know where to begin.Please send me some ideas.



My daughter wants to have a Juicy Couture Sweet 16 Birthday Party. I would appreciate it if you could please tell me where to order the invitations or how you made up the one's in the picture. Thank you for your help.

You're a Pro. Juicy should pay you for your ideas. Good work :)

where did you get most of your items from i am trying to throw my daughter a birthday party with the juicy theme? i am trying to plan & find things in advance.

Hi let me tell you Congratulation for the party is amazing , but i have the same question of the other comments , where I can find the invitations? and where i can find all about Juicy , Tanhk You In Advance :)

Please can you send me email with the information , Thank Yoooooooou

Thats amazing! You are such an aweesome mom!

Hi Jessica,
Please can you help me with my daughter's Juicy Couture birthday party?
I need help with the food&decoration?
email me at: [email protected]

Everyone wants to know about the invitations and so do I . I am having my Sweet Sixteen and these invites are exactly what I'm looking for . Can you please let me know to make, order, or buy them ?

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