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March 09, 2009


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Everything turned out so beautifully! Each detail perfect. I love that you had cupcake boxes for them to take their cupcakes home in. I love how you decorated the cake. The crafts were cute too!
I'm sure each girl loved the party and of course yours felt so special for all of the work you put into this.
When my girls were young I always went all out for their parties too. We've had everything from princess parties to spa parties at a hotel. Now that they're teens we still do, but it's just different.
This year I will be planning a masquerade ball for my youngest daugher's sweet 16. :0)
Cerri xo

It looks like it was just beautiful! I love how you had the cupcake boxes for each girl to take hers home--great idea!

I'd also love to know a source for those giant marshmallows that your friend gave you--they look SO pretty!

I love all of your pretty princess ideas. I am sure each little princess had a wonderful time decorating their own cupcakes to take home & what fun memories they will have with that confetti!!

Oh my gosh. Everything looks fabulous. My birthday is in May and I want a Princess party just like this one! lol


What a nice birthday party - my little girl would like it too - you did a great job - never seen this before - everything you made was just beautiful - compliment - I`m looking for your next project


This all looks so beautiful! Your little girls is lucky to have a mummy who pays so much attention to detail and made such a wonderful birthday party for all her friends. I take my hat off to you and I am going take so much inspiration for future events for my gorgeous girl (she's only just turned 3, so maybe next year!)

So beautiful!So much work and detail went into this party!I love it all! I would love some tips for the juicy party!That sound interesting!!!I have a 11 going on 12 daughter who loves juicy couture!That would be fun!Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and memories for you!

What a delightful party that was for all the princesses and your daughter. Every little detail was more exquisite than the next. Loved the idea of decorating their own cupcakes and the personalized bakery boxes to take them home in! Oh and your daughter's dress was simply divine....did you make it?

Oh my gosh, everything was beautiful. I love the idea of letting the girls decorate cupcakes to take home, and I might add they turned out beautifully. What a wonderful mom you are!!! Valarie

Such a fantastic job you did for your daughter's party! I'm no little girl anymore but I want to wear one of those wreaths, decorate cupcakes & swim in confetti!!!

What a beautiful Princess Party.. I wish I was there. Just beautiful.. I love the cupcakes..Actually, I just loved everything.

Oh my everything is so pretty. Your dd is a lucky girl!

Can I please...Oh Please...be your daughter too! Everything looks so yummy and beautiful...what a lucky girl...and a sweet mom.

Great party! Check out what my friend did for her daughter's Juicy party- a lot of the charms are made from Shrink plastic!

Everything was just gorgeous for your little princess!
I love all the pastel candies you used to decorate the cuppie cakes, so pretty!
I am sure all the girls felt like princesses :)

Jessica... everything is just over the top BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the dress so much... and the cupcakes are adorable. I love the pink boxes you sent them home in. I bet they all felt like the most beautiful princesses in all the land!

xo Heather

I love this party so SWEET and adoribel. A perfect princess party


Beautiful!!! Love it. How fun!

I'm working on a 1st Birthday Party for my niece and am doing flowers and butterflies. I think I am going to add some pretty marshmallow treats too!

I haven't been over here in a while---I see the party has come and gone...you did an AMAZING job by the looks of it all. I sure hope those girls know what a fabulous mom they have!!

another blogger did a juicy couture themed party. she went to the juicy store and they gave her a bunch of stickers to use, and the had the girls make their own charm bracelets out of beads she added to headpins and put little claws on to attach to premade bracelets. it was sooo cute!

forgot to mention that i looked into the idea for my niece, and found these great notecard puzzles on sale that would make terrific invites or thank you notes as favors!


the very best birthday party ever! you are the best mommy! i miss having little ones! thanks for sharing, it brings me back....

xo heidi

what a pretty party

hi, just me again (LOL) -- browsing some of your posts before i "discovered" your blog. everything is extraordinary. the colors and details and your photography! i love the confection roses you made. GASP!


I am flabbergasted! You are amazing and I'm sure every little girl wants to be invited to your daughter's parties!! Can I possibly ask where you got the sugar "nuggets" not sure what they are called but they are gorgeous!

I just loved your site. It was beautiful, creative and inspiring. I've marked it as a favorite and will come back to visit again. Have a wonderful day.

I just adored the Marshmellows. I just Pinned them. Your cupcake decorating idea is fabulous! Wonderful ideas. Beautiful Party.

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