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March 24, 2009


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How very sad - she is a real inspiration and I truly believe she will be back bigger and better.

i just realized it was tuesday - the day for your target tuesday posts - which i completely adore. your ideas and photography are beautiful. have you seen the tiered basket at one of the easter endcaps? i keep "visiting" it but haven't bought it yet. i love the cake stand, too. i think i'm beginning an accidental collection.

that is sad at the shabby chic stores. i have never even been. :(


I just love that bonnet. How pretty... I bought little hats to do the same thing. I just never got around to making them yet. Now your post got me inspired to get them done..What amazing pictures...I just love your blog.

Love the gorgeous Easter bonnets you created from the simple hats found in the dollar bins at Target. I love following your Target Tuesday posts and seeing what fun new things you find and create. Always makes me want to run to Target the minute I'm done reading your posts!!

I saw those in the $1.oo bin......I love how you embellished those........very adorable!

I'm shocked Rachel Ashwells stores are closing - would love to know what she is doing next ...

Isn't it sad for those stores to close? I feel the same way, even though I don't live anywhere near one and don't get the opportunities to go! Although, when I went to NY, that was #1 on my list of where I wanted to visit.

Well, she says she'll stil have her Target line, thank goodness! If she didn't keep that, my windows would never get new curtains! Those are the best.

Beautiful....you are inspirational darling :-)

hi jessica -

very sweet spring bonnets! thanks too for the update on shabby, so very sad...what will our world be without it, i never thought i'd see the day.

xo heidi

Amazing work with the hat...so beautiful! And that third picture down is too stunning for words...I could stare at it all day!

And I did not know until reading your post that all the Shabby Chic stores were closing :(. I too had hoped some would be saved, as I still have not made it to one...and now...probably never will. Heartbreaking is putting it lightly...and I am with you...she was the main inspiration for me and still plays such a huge role in that...sigh...

Love your foofed up straw hats - just lovely. And as for the terrible news about Rachel Ashwell, well I am quite shocked and so sad for her. I find it just unbelievable.


Love your Target Tuesdays and this Easter bonnet is one reason why!
I mentioned you on my blog today ~ thanks for inspiring me!

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