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March 10, 2009


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Okay, I'm hooked on your blog now. I love looking at all the pretty things. Thanks so much. With all that is going on, it's nice to look at something pretty and feel good. Linda

I just love your blog... I also like looking at all your pretty things.

You are truly a magician -- I JUST saw these dishes at our Target and thought they were pretty, but couldn't think of what I might do with them. These are so beautiful! I also found the plastic cups that look like Anthropologie and picked up a bunch for my daughter's Easter basket, they are beautiful!

I just wanted to tell you, I love those egg shaped dishes. What an awesome color...

I just love your Target Tuesday posts! These little dishes are so sweet...

Hi Jessica,
I just found your blog today, actually it was Heather of Pretty Petals who told me I'd like it ~ and oh boy what can I say? You have a stunning beautiful blog and I have spent the best part of the last half hour reading back through your posts. I'm so happy to have found it!
The dishes are so cute that you found ~ and I'm loving the glasses you found at Target (did you ever find more than the four at your own Target or did you end up having to drive 50 miles?)
The Laduree photos had me absolutely drooling...
And my favourite post - your daughter's party ~ oh gosh, the prettiest party I have ever seen in my life! So much thought, detail and preparation. Do you fly to Australia and host tea parties? You'd be most welcome in my home!!!
Thanks for all the beauty,
Natasha :)

I love the colour therapy you provide with your blog. So sweet and pretty!

how sweet are those...i really need to get over to target...everyone is finding the most amazing things there!!!

Oh how I wish we had a Target here! (in Ireland)

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