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March 27, 2009


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Oh my goodness, what a sea of pink and blue softness. My little girl is all grown up now, but I remember the frills and bows. It was such fun. Thanks for sharing something to delight the eye.

Your blog is just stunning and these photos were like eating something far too sugary!

I love the blues, you have such a great eye for putting all these colors together.

Love your way with color....

Have a wonderful sleep-over party. Those were the best when my girls were younger. I get to have a sleepover with my 10 month old granddaughter tonight. I wish she had a bit more hair...I'm feeling an urge to buy some pretty ribbons, flowers and bows!

Lovely hair things! We had tons of them when the girls were little, but now that they're teens, the cutest we get is headbands and bobby pins. (at least their are tons of cute bobby pins out there!)
Have a wonderful weekend, I can't wait to see the photos!

You have a fabulous eye for choosing the loveliest things! What beautiful flowers!

those are beautiful. i remember always having those colorful knobs, the kind attached to an elastic like a figure 8. (did that make any sense?)

gosh, they would make lovely embellishments, would they?

enjoy the big par-tay tonight!!!

They are all so gorgeous! Makes me so happy to be a girl!!!

I love how you mixed the old with the new..The colors are just so beautiful..I just love that butterfly, along with everything else...

never too old............thats what I say!

Why my goodness, I have just spent about 40 minutes in a candy store - your site!!! I was over at Amy's bunnyrose and decided to check out her list and you were first! I love all of your things! So much fun on Target Tuesdays! So mad I missed the flower plates and pink glasses, well plastic. And the trip to London adn paris, lucky you!!! Now I know I'm being horribly nosey, but with all your wonderful colors and my love of kitchens, OH MY Gosh, I would so love to see yours!! It has got to be beautiful! What a wonderful way to wrap up the week! I will visit often and surely will add you to my sidebar! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, Lori

Thanks for the flower eye candy! Just yummy pretty!

Your posts always have such wonderful pictures~

I adore your photography, what light do you take your photos in? By a certain window or at a certain time of day?

Beautiful hair accessories.. Even when my daughter was young she would not let me put anything in her hair. Now she buys all those pretty flowers and pins them on her clothes or her purse. Cute post.
Have a wonderful day.

WOW! Im loving all the beautiful floral hair accessories!Cant wait to see the "Juicy" party pics! FUN! :) Jenn

What a pretty collection!


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