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March 19, 2009


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You even make cleaning supplies beautiful!

I love pretty cleaning supplies! Definitely motivates me ;)

I will have to check out some of the products you have shown here...

Girl, You are not Crazy... I totally agree! Love to open the cabinets and have them looking good! I just don't have a place to shop close by! Just a tacky old Wal-mart! YUCK!

love pretty, but i love pretty smells more so. my 3 must haves: mrs meyer's lavender room spray, counter cleaner (which i use on pretty much every surface) and dish soap. i'm going to have to see if i can find the j.r. watkins window cleaner though.

i try to use as few cleaning supplies as possible, so its nice when a bottle can do double duty. but then again, if i'm in the middle of picking up and someone shows up at the door, its nice that i dont have a giant bottle of neon blue windex along with 10 other bottle of cleaners sitting out on the counter.

You are the best shopper, I'm with you.....everything can look good!

No idea why but this post of yours looks so delicious.. the stack of sponges, bottle cleaners and pail.. seriously.. I feel like candy.. hehehehehe..

What fun and pretty cleaning supplies..Those sponges look so pretty piled up...My house needs a good Spring cleaning also...

OK, you have the prettiest cleaning supplies! Love it! Want it!

i was at homegoods tonight, completely thinking about this post. so pretty. i especially like the pale pink pail. is that martha, too? i'm guessing no but figured i'd ask.

this is such a funny post- and I so TOTALLY get it!!

I don't even think I would mind cleaning with those wonderful things.

Victoria xx

I always figured why shouldn't we use pretty things to clean? and why shouldn't our cleaning products have good smells? With as much time as I spend cleaning- I am all about the GOOD PRETTY cleaning stuffs!

THANKS! holly

I'm a new fan of your blog!
Thanks for confirming that all aspects of life can be beautiful. I too am a member of FCPA, Fancy Cleaning Products Anonymous! For years I have used Caldrea products. In fact when we were selling our last house I would always wipe the front door with the all purpose cleaner right before someone came to look at the house. Upon entering they said "oh it smells so good in here!" The house sold in 3 days. Ever since then I still do that before guests arrive. My favorite is the Green Tea Patchouli scent. It is very soft and men even find it pleasant. Cost effective too...you use less as they are concentrated.

These pretty products could get ME into the mood for cleaning! Wherever did you get that scrubber with the printed backing (2nd photo, 4th one from the top)?

I love making everything beautiful...it makes life beautiful!!!

Me, me! *raises hand*
Not only should things provide a purpose in my home, they should be exquisitely pretty as well :)
Your Juicy themed sleepover gives me an adult idea of hosting a MAC sleepover at the Caesar's for us big girls. Thanks for the inspiration.
I love your blog, I stumbled on it via Flickr and now I am an official follower :)

Your definately NOT crazy. As a matter of fact I have a couple of Yahoo groups that I would love to have you check out and hopefully join. We'd love your input!



One is about organization the other romantic and victorian decorating and such!

Good tips! Thanks!

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation! I will do that with my cleaning supplies as well!

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