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March 26, 2009


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I found them overseas also - Taiwan, years ago. My friends and I are all addicts... I am a lily soap and snow shower girl... Be well, The Hostess

You know the colors are just so amazing!!!! The marshmellow bath melts would be my fav too. I just love all the colors. I wish we had a store near me. I would be an addict.

They work in the shower too! We don't have these in Canada, but it we did I would be at this store. They give me a craving for marshmallows though!

Lush is an amazing store! Thanks for sharing these pictures. No Lush where I'm from.

We just got an amazing natural soap place on our mall. I was so drawn in by all the wonderful soaps I didn't even notice the name, but it looks like the same place! Now I have to go back (darn) to see if it's the same! yum!!!

This is my first time visiting you blog and I LOVE it!! You are so talented and your creations are gorgeous! Your Target Tuesdays are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ideas with us! I am adding you to my blog list right now :)


I adore Lush products :-) I am going to have to get some of the candy floss powder for sure!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! hugs!!! Britt :-)

great packaging and display gets me every time. thanks for the info. i will have to check them out online & see if there is anything near me.


their solid colognes are wonderful, too. the scent lasts ALL day. the bottles of shower gel are amazing and on a little more, ummm, utilitarian note, i suppose, their greeeench powder works wonders when sprinkled lightly in shoes that you don't ever wear socks in like converse or closed dress shoes.

Oh my how pretty!
I used to go to Fashion Square in Scottsdale all the time and don't recall seeing it, so they must have opened after I moved..wha!!!
How fun would it be for me if the website was scratch and sniff so I could get to smell all those yummy beauties before ordering!! A girl can dream , right?

I followed your link, and found one right near where I work. Who knew? Defninitely going to check them out!

This shop looks like a heavenly candy shop! It's fabulous...and the name is just perfect too!

I'm a long time LUSH fan from downunder. Every year my daughter also receives a big bundle of Lush for her birthday - as well as buying it herself. The online service is also worth remembering for those times you just can't get into the store.
I love the massage bars and so does my hubby (which means he will use them on me!) haha, The bombs are truly the bomb!
Happy Lushing :)

Hi Jessica...I lost you for a while there...
I am going to spend as long as it takes catching up with all of your lovely posts!

We have a 'Lush' shop here in Bath, UK. The scent from the open doors wafts down the high street and is so inviting...I always buy my girls bath bombs from here, to fill up their Xmas stockings.
They usually do a huge Easter egg shaped one at this time of year too!
Niki x

OMGosh! I first found these in London also! They were everywhere! So heavenly!! The scents from the open doors would beacon to us to come in from the street and indulge. Sooooo love all the bombs, bath bars, and such. Yuuummmmmm!!

Back Porch Blessings,

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