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December 27, 2012


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I very much agree ! Thanks for sharing !

how pretty, I don't remember seeing any of these before

Oh, So Pretty & such Gorgeous, Glorious colors!!!! Gosh, I LOVE Vintage corsages & hats - and all that goes w/them! Thanks, Jessica, for providing the viewer w/such Fabulous & Dandy Eye Candy! Thanks, also, for linking back to the velvet leaves post! I have, I think, seen Every blog post you've done, to date, but it's Always fun to see them Again! As for Gifts, as far as I am concerned, the wrappings, embellishments, pretty papers & other such stuff of a gift really ARE the gift! (Or a nice Icing-on-the-Cake part of the Actual Gift)!!! :D Side note: what a Shame ladies don't wear hats so much anymore! How can we change that!?! I just purchased for myself a Stunning hat from a nice Antiques store as a Christmas gift to myself! Although, to be Honest, I would have bought this Lovely Hat even were it Not a Holiday! (You won't find this beautiful hat of mine at the mall, Ladies)!!!! It's in Superb condition & I paid Under 30.00 for it! It's in my Favorite material (or One of my favorites): VELVET!!!! It's Too Pretty!!!! I just can't help myself: I LOVE Beauty & that is why I LOVE Jessica's blog! Happy New Year!!!

Those are gorgeous! I had no idea millinery leaves were made in metallic!

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