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December 07, 2012


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Awesome...always wanted to try it out!

Oh, STOP, No, Don't say you are too "old" for it, Jessica! First, I seriously Doubt that's true! And, okay, I get it: not Everyone wants to cultivate the look *I* have (which I call: "Eccentric Old Lady". As "Eccentric Old Lady" I wear Glittery eye shadow to just about Every Place - including Target! ESPECIALLY Target! Oh, the Joys of non-conformity! (AND the Slings'nArrows)! So I Do understand not wishing to look a bit foolish or age-inappropriate. On the other hand - why should the kids have all the fun while we ladies slowly slip into a respectful sort of decrepitude??? No, I say! And I Mean this. Fight the Night, as Dylan Thomas advised, but with Glittery eye shadow! Oh heck, who's it hurting???? I think it's best to do things Now, instead of waiting later to regret Not doing them. I'm sure that eye shadow will look Glorious on you, My Dear! Some well intentioned words for just having Fun w/All Forms of Glitter! Just as I have FUN looking at your Beautiful Blog posts!!! Thank you! Eye Candy is not just Eye Shadow - it's Beautiful Blogs like yours! I'm Addicted to them!

Nah, you're never too old to "sparkle" during the holidays!: )

I see some layering possibilities in that palette... such as a bit of gold over the pink. You can't go wrong for $5.50! xoxo

You are never, never, never, never, EVER too old for glitter!!! It's what makes the world go 'round ;-) xoxo Rachel

I bought some of these for Halloween. It's actually kind of greasy and clumped into my eyelid, I had to use a powdery base but it still ended up clumping all up. It's a "cream" shadow :(

hi jessica,

the title of this post runs through my mind constantly and yet at 47 (yikes) i continue to wear sparkly shadow, glittery nail polish, tiny barrettes and even 2 ponytails. i just hope that i'm tempering it all with grace and wisdom! LOL

shine on, sweets!


Loving your running series on fun glittery stuff for the holidays: nail polish, hair bows, jewelry, now eye shadow!

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