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January 11, 2010


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The sight of your sprinkles & candies made me smile too! The most amazing "cabinet".... lovely :)

Mother, may I go over to Jessica's house to play today!?!?!?!?! Thank you for pictures that far exceed my expectations! Do not think this is odd behavior to open the cabinets and just look, that is JUST what I am doing! I am in candy eye candy awe...................

this is SO beautiful! I would be so tempted to remove the cab doors and just stare at the contents all day!

Have a sweet Monday!

Wow!! That cupboard made me smile - gorgeous

That is soooo much fun! Wonderful, delightful, scrumptious...just off the top of my head!
All Things Heart and Home

I'm smilin'! Oh, yeah, I'm smilin'!

My mouth has been hanging open in awe for the last 5 minutes!! Unbelievable! How do you not just stare at it ALL day? I'd never get any work done with a cupboard like that...

Oooh, look at all that pretty eye candy! hee!

If that cabinet were in my home it would have to be kept under lock and key. LOL. The kids would have a field day. It looks so pretty and yummy too.

Wow what a treasure trove of goodies!


Do you have any DUTCH goodies in there too???

Just wondering....;)

I might be tempted to put a glass panel in that particular cabinet *wink*......lovely.....

I would love a cabinet like that...so jealous!

I don't blame you, I'd be staring in there all day too, good for the soul!!!

THAT is awesome! I have a cabinet full of sprinkles too, but it is nothing in comparison to yours!

So beautiful. I have a cabinet that I like to open up and look at but it's a cabinet full of colorful dishes. I'm totally jealous of your sprinkle and candy cabinet. I only have a sprinkle bin. :( thanks for sharing!

Ooooh! What a treat for the eyes! I would stand their staring too!

This must be what Heaven looks like - all sprinkles and divine bits !


Your Cabinet is truly a real Treasure Chest.

oh how beautiful. I have NEVER seen colored dragees (but I've never bought any from France, either). Very nice post.

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm in love with a cabinet.

We have oodles of the same supplies! I too have been crushed to have to discard the occasional unused product... but yours are so prettily displayed! I organized mine at Christmas, but you've inspired me to do it again ;)

Jessica: You are my new best friend!! EVERYTHING on your blog is simply fabulous. I found your blog by accident - as I was looking for something special for my daughter's wedding that is next month. I am doing a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme - and I have to say... her wedding is going to be stunning enough to be in Martha Stewart. I showed both my girls your site - and they want to be your new best friend too! Thanks for all the incredible information - so sweet of you to share your finds, "how to's" and all the beautiful things you've made. Blessings from Texas -
a Girl named "Myke"

talk about literal "eye candy!" Wowzah!

Wow! That is unreal. I love it- that is truly my kind of treasure chest! Well said by Melanie.

What an awesome cabinet - so organized! That really makes me happy.

Such a gorgeous collection! I am a sprinkle addict as well, and so I know the happpiness this must add to your life! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness, that is one AWESOME cabinet!!! I hope you have reason to open it often!

Wow, I can'r believe the stuff. Maybe you can answer this question. I too love dragees (I havethe same multicolored French ones taht you do). They used to be available at grocery stores, but now you seldom see them. I have to go to a specialty shop. Someone told me they do not meet FDA requirements????


What a fantastic collection! I'm curious what is in those fabulous small boxes! Do you recommend any particular sites you shop for your goodies? I seriously see another money maker here for you! Notecards made of the pictures you just posted! They would be gorgeous! Gee you do need to begin a Etsy shop! Between the floral tanks and these notecards you'd sell out quick!!! Lori

oh my! my fave cabinet! if i were to behave nicely, can I have one of the candies? hehehehe just kidding! so colourful..

Flying saucers! I haven't seen those in years! I use to love em! The saucer would melt and the hard little candies inside....yummmm. I thought I was bad when I had 3 medium sized bins of goodies....you make my heart smile! I am not the only one out there that loves baking and decorating candies! Yeah!

One more thing, can you tell us the names of some of the places you go to get these goodies? What is "Leone" the pretty pastel boxes???

I think I've died and gone to candy heaven!

After seeing The Cabinet, I had to google dragees. Have you see THESE lovelies?

OOOOOh candylicious this is just fantastic! I want to live in your cupborad but I fear I would have no teeth left! It's like the wardrobe in Narnia to sprinkle heaven :-)

Wow, it's so beautiful, it makes me smile too !!!
I wish i had the same cabinet…

P.S.: I’ve just found your blog and I love it!

sweet bliss......

hi from Italy!

the Leone boxes are full of tiny sugar candies of amazing flavours such as violet, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, absynhte (also!) all pastel coloured

they're like the oldest candies of Italy, vintage at its best

and the box inside the pastel "dustcover" is an amazing olg yellow/gold with the seals of the ancient king of Piedmont..

nice and yummy!

SWEEEET!!! I don't blame u for loving to stare at such prettty stuff, I would too! I love to do the same thing in my pantry I just put together. I get embarrased too if I think someone's looking. he he!

such incredible excitement in this treasure trove and so beautifully organized! you are my new favorite blog, so inspiring, thank you for sharing.

I know this is an older post, but I just stumbled on it and had to comment! So pretty! You have inspired me to start my own shelf (I don't do enough baking to justify a whole cabinet) of pretties. We have HomeGoods in CA, and I was thrilled to find many items similar to the ones in your cabinet -- glass jars and all. So fun! Thanks for the inspiration (-:

I think that cabinet needs glass doors!!!

Oh my word! Ditto what Barbara@Southern Lady's Vintage said...glass doors for sure!!!

How I would love to come over and bake at your house.


That is just heaven in a cabinet! You must smile every time you open it up. Your site is so fun.

Whoa. Spotted all the Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne truffles and did a double take. Amazing. Cupboard of baking dreams.

Jessica I am so inspired by your cabinet. I love all these sort of things but it breaks my heart to use them (silly I know).
I hope to one day have a cabinet all of my own!


That is just heaven in a cabinet! You must smile every time you open it up. Your site is so fun.

Flying saucers! I haven't seen those in years! I use to love em! The saucer would melt and the hard little candies inside....yummmm. I thought I was bad when I had 3 medium sized bins of goodies....you make my heart smile! I am not the only one out there that loves baking and decorating candies! Yeah!

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