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September 21, 2009


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Ooh I adore these...so so pretty - thanks for sharing!

These are soo beautiful. I never use my millinery, I just collect it and look at it. I need to make something beautiful. Have a lovely day. Good Luck at Target.


the rosebuds are simply exquisite. I love velvet *anything* , but those are just divine.


Those lil velvet rose buds are just gorgeous, I was just about to ask if you were selling them...so glad I READ your post and not just looked at all your pretty pictures...you have just given me one more reason to visit Gilding The Lily :) Rose

They are soooooo pretty.. I to just love the muted colors.. What an addition to add to your collection..

Gasp!!! Even "beautiful" is an understatement!! I love these! Breathtaking, Jessica!!

good luck at target! fingers crossed.

the rosebuds are sweet. did you get dizzy when you first saw them?

i can always count on your blog for a beautiful post!


Soft and beautiful, the perfect millinery bud!

Hi I love these - will you be selling these or do you know where they are available?

Jessica, these velvet posies are simply perfect! the perfect colors too. I love your collection of millinery... it is dreamy. hope you are doing well... sorry I haven't visited for awhile. Life is crazy... as you well know! I missed seeing what you are up to.

Oh and by the way, what IS up with target? I think they haven't been getting as many pretty things either.


So lovely...you amaze me with your ability to find such lovely things!

Those are *Gorgeous*!!!!

Just beautiful!! I want to rub one of them against my cheek!! They look so soft!!

~ Wendy

Don't you love Gilding the Lily? While kinda pricey, she just has exquisite items for us to fall in love with. I see a trip down to Brea in my near future . . .

LOVE the roses - I WANT some! Will you be selling any? Your blog is eye candy!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Kathy

Absolutely adore the photos on your blog. GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing! Susan

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