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September 29, 2009


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These are beautiful! How great it is to find something so pretty that you'd been looking for.

Gosh, there's a blast from the past. Back in the day I used to make those with my mum (I'm 37 - 38 next week .. arggh!) This look must have been in my mind earlier this year, as I made a couple of decorations in this style .. http://cottonrose.blogspot.com/2009/04/christmas-in-april.html
Good fun.

Your stash looks so pretty. Yes, they would be gorgeous as a centrepiece. Thanks for sharing and jolting my memory banks this morning. :o)

Jessica these are just TOO sweet...Hope you're having a GREAT week & have managed to catch up on Rachel's latest blog post....!

Cheers from 'Oz',
Tamarah :o)

I have never seen these before. They are gorgeous!

I love this collection. I have just a few, peaches of course and a few others. xo, suzy

Beautiful! I started my collection of sequined fruit last year when I scored 2 bags full of the lovelies at antique shops. Your pinks and berries look lovely.

I am ashamed to say I have never seen these before. (blush) Hey! I'm kinda new at all this! But they are so pretty! I love the berries best - of course because they're the prettiest shade of PINK!
I put a jar of old german glass glitter away (yes, hoarding again) and now can't find it. I hate that!
Oh well, someday I'll be very happy to find it again, just like you and your fruit!
Thanks for sharing!

Yes, they would make a great center piece - I will be happy to send you my address! Wow, these are spectacular and they bring back memories - I remember these from my elementary days. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is lovely!

P.S. I was fortunate enough to find the clear hobnail "glasses" as Target and there were eight of them - a clear sign that I was meant to have them!

Ugh! The post beautiful of all of your beautiful posts! The fruit are divine! Thanks so much for your lovely blog.

How fun! I share the collection of sequined fruit with you. We have great taste, don't we? Actually, I feel a little better to know I'm not alone.

Those sequined fruits look good enough to eat! Your photography is amazing. Now I'm off to Ebay to search for vintage sequined fruit......

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