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September 24, 2009


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Such pretty colors!! I do the SAME thing in my kitchen, lol! I love candy and sweets in apothecary jars. It just looks so old fashioned and pretty.

Hi Jesicca,
I just came across you lovely blog. I'm so glad I did because your candy post has taken me back to my childhood. I have very sweet, no pun intended, memories especially of the candy necklaces. My sisters and I use to love them. Good and innocent times. Thanks!
Have a wonderful day.


There is something about a candy necklace, isn't there?

Oooooooh!! *squeal* Love those beautiful pictures! I want to hang them on my wall! You've captured the pretty colors so nicely. I'm going to have to get some apothacary jars and candy...I love it!

I love your pictures!! I love to give different types of candy as part of a little "thank you" package that I send when I ship Etsy purchases to the buyers. I found these wonderful candies called marpoles that are marshmallow sticks made of twisted strands of different colored marshmallow. They are packaged wonderfully and my Etsy buyers just love them. I found them in my local grocery store. I think I'll go eat one now!! : )

~ Wendy

There's a sweet little candy shop by the beach here in Coronado just down the street from where I live. I love to do calorie free window shopping there in the morning when I take my walk :)

I love your sweeties. I do this (usually at Christmas), but I have to try to make sure I only buy sweeties I'm not too bothered about eating. At the moment I have a jar of flying saucers, do you know those? (a bit like ravioli to look at), filled with a sharp lemon sherbert. Yum! The jar was full, but now it's not so full!!!!!

managed to mess up my comment! It should have read 'do you know those? pastel coloured rounds of rice paper (a bit like ravioli to look at)'. Here is a link to a site that sells them. http://www.gimmethosesweets.co.uk/flying-saucers-p-344.html

yummy :o)

how fun and pretty and sweet! are your jars lined up on a shelf? it must be adorable. what a cool thing to collect: CANDY!

happy weekend!


Kindred spirits! I LOVE candy necklaces -and your blog- full of eye candy...


After reading this, I had to go over to my own candy dish for a lollipop!

So Yummy and gorgeous at the same time! Love these photos! Do you mind if I put some on my blog?

These pictures make my heart smile...they are so happy & sweet!

I decorate at Christms with a lot of fun candy...this reminds me of that, only I love these colors....my friends think I am nuts! But I have had a serious love affair with candy since I was little....it is not a good thing anymore! Thanks for the photos! :)

Indeed! One of my favourite things about the Juicy Couture shops is the jars of retro candy, just like this! Oh, it is scrumptious!! This looks just like it!

I've started decorating with my Halloween candies, which will be swapped out for Christmas candy right after October is done, and then changed a bit for my daughter's birthday after Christmas!

Do you mind sharing where the candy sticks are from, they are gorgeous!

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