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June 02, 2009


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what a fab idea!!! wonder if they have one geared towards boys?

Heart Hugs,

Very very cute. I actually saw the banners there the other day. Love what you are doing to personalize for the baby.


This is adorable you did a great job.

Love it, and it just so happens I have to run to Target today. :0)

Jessica, I just love what you did with the bunting, so much so that I drove up to Target and bought one. My OR granddaughter has the comforter and sheet set, so I'm going to decorate it with her name. I just hope OR daughter will put it up in her room, since she has nothing on her walls. I can't figure that out,since I have a lot of pictures and quilts hanging on my walls.

I have this same bunting in my daughter's room! So pretty isn't it? What a nice gift for your friend's baby.

I always look forward to your Target Tues. post as you find the best things. Things I would have over looked on my Target shopping trips.

Not any more. Every Tues or Wed the latest I'm running up to Target looking for the newest treasure you found.

Thank you so much for doing these posts and I hope you keep them up forever!

hi jessica,

what a sweet gift!

i love the whole simply shabby chic line and am always wandering each aisle. the childrens' aisle has some very pretty things.

thanks for another target tuesday!


Love what you've done with the banner, Jessica!

How wonderful! Can I ask how much it was? I would love to glam up one of those! Adorable what you've done. Lori

oh my..this is amazing...i am jumping up and down in my seat...i live in Canada...no target...but i am minutes from the boarder and 30 minutes from a target...guess where i will be going??
Your images are so beautiful but then again my colors are blue and pink so fit right in with yours...the image of the little velvet flowers is my fav...ahhhhhhhh is all i can say!!!

Oh my gosh this is GORGEOUS Jessica!!! LOVE what you did, you have such a great eye for putting things together and for seeing outside the box!

What a darling idea!

This is so adorable - and to think I walked right by the bunting!!! Oh well, back to Target for me. Love the pretty aqua felt, I have never seen it in that color before, it is just perfect!

love this idea!

Beautiful. Now pining for Target" in England!
Hen x

Jessica, That bunting is just so adorable..I love it...I wish I had a little girls room to decorate...Don't get me wrong, I love my son..Boys rooms aren't that fun to decorate(hehe)....

I think this might be my first time at your blog..I am having a great time browsing...and now I am going to have to scoot over to Target and see if they still have these...I have a room they would look perfect in..

I came across your blog today through a google images search, and I am adding it to my favourites right now! I love the delicate and beautiful things you make, and the lovely pictures that go with them. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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