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February 24, 2009


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I am actually disappointed that they are plastic....
I would love a set in glass.
{I don't like drinking out of plastic}

I want to thank you for the Target posts. I love Target but live too far away from one so I shop thru your blog! :-)

Hugz n Blessings,

i love those :: and plastic is perfect for outside :: i'm going to do my patio in pinks, blues, oranges, and greens this summer and these would work great, and match the pink, blue, orange, and green battery operated paper lanterns i found at the dollar store :: i'm off to target :)

I love your Target posts too, however they will not ship to Alaska. We are used to all mail order up here but I don't know why Target doesn't want to ship here I sure see a lot of fun things you post I would love to buy. Thanks for posting them. Love the pink glasses.

love that glassware. great color! so, well, pretty...

so, i was wandering around amazon yesterday for easter basket goodies and i found some great plastic eggs and thought about your blog.

link: http://www.amazon.com/Century-Novelty-Jumbo-Jewel-Easter/dp/B001OLAQYO/ref=pd_bbs_8?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1235502764&sr=8-8

i'm not a big fan of the plastic egg, but i had to order a dozen for decoration. i'm thinking scattered on tha mantel. just so pretty.

They're really pretty. I was able to get a couple of them last night, but will have to drive to a less popular Target to find more. I was thinking they would be wonderful in our camper. :0)
And yes, they do look tons like your Anthropologie glasses!
I often find Target has very similiar items to both Anthropologie and Pottery Barn!
xo, Cerri

Those are so pretty!!
I especially like plastic tumblers for summer! And ya gotta love PINK!!
Thanks for sharing.

Adorable! I can't wait to get over to Target and see what's new! You are such an inspiration!

Cool, I hope I can find some, too. I have a collection of vintage pink glass and these would be great for my little kids who do not get the real glass.

Wow, I just love those pink glasses. I might have to stop at Target. I've been wanting new glasses for my kitchen.

They do remind me of the fleur de lis glasses from Anthropologie & Pier One. I'm off to Target today!!!

Don't ya love Target! xo, suzy

Those are SO pretty!! And plastic makes it so much better since I have two little guys!

I am new to your blog and I really enjoy it. I am a HUGE Target fan as well, I almost bought these same glasses last week but decided to wait. I was wondering what kind of camera you use? That may be an odd question but your photos are so clear and pretty! =O) Thank You!!

I just followed your link from Flickr to here. Love your blog!

Where did you find these I am in Washington state and our two Targets don't even have the Easter out?

these are amazing, im in the uk and looking for some similar if anyone knows where I can get some?? xx

I tried finding them on the link you mentioned... but couldnt find.. :(
can you please give me exact link to these? I think I m in love with them! They are so pretty! Thank you for posting! :)

Are you kidding me? I would love some, but the link to target must be too old. I wish I could still find some! But they are pretty! I found some glass ones here http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-glassware/973172.jsp

I could not find the glasses in the store or online. I looked in the homewares.dining area and online, nothing. Is there a direct link you could post. I would love to have some of these. thank you

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